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c l o t h i n g   s p o n s o r s h i p s

Super cute customizable high-waisted shorts & more. (Only the shorts in the pictures are from Outspokken, the other shirts and flannel are from a different clothing line).  Check out her huge selection of shorts and jackets at

Drama's clothing line Young & Reckless is one of my all time favorites.

This Australian label is darling.

They sent me a gorgeous floral dress from their spring 2014 line and I cant wait for an occasion to wear it out.

PSHHH who am I kidding, ill probably end up wearing it to the grocery store... i dont want to wait!


The rest of their line is very high fashion, so if any models are reading this, check them out and get some of their pieces. They would be a great addition to a photoshoot and give your portfolio an edge!

These tanks from (Deter)mined Clothing are so comfortable and can easily transition from a shirt to a dress. It's a men's tank, but I like to wear it with some leggings and boots. In the winter, you can throw some leggings under your shorts and you’re good to go!  This company now carries both men’s and women’s clothing. Their apparel is available at


The shorts pictured are from Outspokken clothing.

collaboration coming soon....

I'm obsessed with this dress. It makes me feel so grown up and classy(: I wore it to a red carpet event for the Beverly Hills Calendar Girls launch party and got countless compliments on it. This piece from Vesper's 2013 collection is definitely a show stopper.

My friend Desiree Mitchell over at Young and Reckless asked me to shoot in some DSTLD denim for her, and i was so stoked!

I modeled some threads from Young and Reckless from Desiree as well about a year ago, and Im always pumped when she wants to send me some goodies to shoot in.

This brand has really blown up, and is super hot right now!

I absolutely love these jeans, and i cant even count how many castings I have gone to in these babies. They're the perfect addition to any outfit (:


Hope you like these photos that Aaron Mays collaborated on in his studio.


Hair, Makeup & Styling - Eva Catherine

photographer - Aaron Mays

Solid jeans (first few photos) - DSTLD

Ripped Jeans - Abercrombie

Black crop top - Bad Panda Apparel

denim shorts - Brandy Mellville

Self Tanner - Loving Tan Australia

Hair Extensions (last few photos) - Rapunzel Of Sweden

This company found me through Instagram and I'm so glad they did!

Their dresses are so gorgeous. Theyre classy and can be worn for any occasion<3

The one I'm wearing can be styled a couple different ways. Instead of twisting the straps across your chest, you can leave them alone and have a plunging neckline. I dont have the boobs to wear it like that.... haha

you can find their designs on instagram @lovehedonia and on their website


I've always been in love with the company, so when they wanted to sponsor me, my heart kinda stopped! haha but really though, LookBookStore has an amazing selection of clothing on their website. They sent me a black play suit (photots soon) and these black pants that have zippers on the sides which adds some pizzaz to your typical boring ole black pants (these definitely arent your typical black pants)


Check them out lovies.



I'm a  die hard fan of printed pants. I don't know I guess I'm weird like that (;

But these pallazzo pants from Petite LA are definitely an amazing addition to my closet. I actually get the pleasure of shooting for this company next week, so I'll have some cool new shots up soon.


Check them out.



Thsi amazing Australian label is helping raise awareness for breast cancer with these adorable tees.



Ive always been a huge fan of this company, so needless top say I'm beyond excited to be sponsored by this lovely Australian label.

This cardigan is becoming one of my favorite pieces in my wardrobe. 

Check them out at

My agent got me my first catalog job with a company called ModDeals a few months ago, and I've been in love with them ever since. I guess you could say it was love at first sight(;

They have seriously amazing deals!

This whole outfit was $35 :) 

Moddeals is the perfect place for fashionistas on a budget. You can look hot without breaking your wallet(: And you'll have money left over to buy a new wallet. LOL

check them out!

ShopHeartbreak: A Lifestyle brand that connects those who have loved and lost, through one of a kind apparel and accessories. Join the Movement. View their collection at