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What Eva Catherine offers //

Clothing Instagram Promotion: $395  add a video for total cost of $500

I offer boutiques/buisnesses the option to send me their product(s) (that I hand pick, to be sure it flows with my page and is cohesive) to model, style, and promote on my blog The Indie Gypsie and Instagram @evaacatherine with 73,000+ followers. I have a bohemian beach style that adds a mermaid touch to your lovely designs. Your Label will be permanently promoted and linked for my viewers on my blog.

This will include 2-5 promotions with 2-3 looks solely mentioning your brand (there may be other brands tagged in the photo, but only yours will be tagged in the caption). 

The photos will be taken by my very own professional photographer and will be sent to you to use on your social media. If needed for print, this needs to be discussed prior to the shoot. You are encouraged to give input on where the photoshoot will take place, but styling is entirely up to me.


Boutique/Buisness/Event Visit: $250

I am located in Southern California, and love to visit boutiques/clothing companies and promote them on my Instagram and blog. You will get full coverage and photos posted from my visit promoting the items you feature in your store that we agree upon that fit my style, and are the items you are wanting to have special attention on.

If you are throwing an event that requires admission, I ask for the fee to be covered. If I am traveling, I also request a travel fee to cover expenses.

Ofcourse, your event will be covered on social media channels such as Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, and Twitter as well.

Road Trip Gypsetting: $500

I take trips to beautiful locations (such as Joshua Tree, Laguna Beach, Oceanside, San Diego, etc), and wanted to extend the adventure to companies around the world. This is especially great for international companies outside of the USA.

I just took a trip up the coast to Big Sur, and the photos come out amazing.

My next trip is currently being planned, and the destination will be announced soon!

With this option, the piece(s) I select from your clothing line will be brought with me on this trip and styled and photographed along my adventure. 

This option includes 3 posts on instgram promoting your prouduct, a blog post, and tons of professionally edited photos sent to you to use for social media and or print. If needed for print campaigns, please let me know prior to shooting.


Accessory / Beauty Product Promotion $395  add a video for a total cost of $550

This option is similar to the one above. I hand select items from your brand (max 3) and post 2-5 photos on my Instagram page @evaacatherine. This option includes a blog post on The Indie Gypsie.

You can add a promtional video for a total of $550.

Modeling: Varies, inquire for pricing

I am a signed agency model as well as a stylist and blogger, and would love to model directly for your company. I can shoot videos, catalog, lookbook, etc. To shoot with a photographer for his/her portfolio, my day rate is $350.

Post a Giveaway $175

I offer brands the option to advertise their giveaway on my page. I just need the brand to send me the content, dates of the contest, and any other relevant information. Posts are deleted following the announcement of the winner.