Life Hacks to Make Your Bed Look Like A Dreamy Store Display

May 19, 2019


Apparently, there is a right and a wrong way to fold your duvet. After walking into Pottery Barn, I realized I am definitely doing it wrong. Spoiler alert, stores stuff 3 down comforters into 1 duvet to make it look luxurious, but doing this is a recipe to overheat at night. Follow this bed hack and  you can get the same look without committing to 3 down comforters. Fold the duvet in half, with the ends over the foot of the bed. Then fold up the top half toward the pillows so that this portion of the duvet is doubled over on itself to create volume. I swear this trick is a game changer.



I always gravitate towards linen. This material effortlessly looks expensive + dreamy even when your bed is messy and unmade. 



The key to making your bed look luxurious and fluffy is adding different layers of texture. I layered my heathered cashmere sheets + linen duvet and added my tassel blanket overtop for some dimension. You can also accentuate your layered bed with different textured pillows. Instead of purchasing a pillow set that are all matching, I always buy mine separately but keep the colors in the same family. My favorite texture combo at the moment is natural jute + fur + velvet for variety. 



I  love crawling into a fresh, clean bed after a long day. I am all about staying on a budget, but I am a huge fan of splurging on some delicious smelling laundry detergent for sheets and towels. I absolutely love Le Labo Santal 33 perfume, so when I discovered they make a detergent, I about died. Yeah girl,  you read that right. SANTAL 33 DETERGENT!! 


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