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How did you become a model?

I honestly just worked with phtographers and did photoshoots with clothing companies to build my portfolio and then submitted them to different agancies. The first one i looked into was Willow Model Management. I submitted my photos to them and they told me that they didn't hav a place for me at their agency. I was discouraged because they gave me no reason, just an upfront no. I kept looking for other agencies that represented girls who were shorter than 5'9, but found none. A month or so after i was rejected, Willow contacted me through my Instagram page and asked me to go down to their agency. After meeting with them, I signed a modeling contract with them. I love being a part of their agency. <3 They are so elite and have only 100 models on their roster. I feel like I get personalized attenttion, and you can't find that at larger agencies.

What do you ask for when you get your hair done?

My hair stylist Nancy is incredible. If you live in SoCal, i go to the Hair Loft in Perris. I always ask for blonde high lights and the bottom layer of my hair is in the color chestnut #6.

How do you whiten your teeth?

I just bought the Whitening Lightening Express kit, and I LOVE it. It made my teeth 4 shades whiter. The kit comes with a syringe with 3 ml of the professional whitening gel (you only need 1 ml per treatment, so it'll last you), a tray, a dial-a-smile wheel so you can see what level your teeth are at and the LED light that you hold by your teeth to actually whiten them. The only downside is that you have to wait a week between treatments :( I'm impatient and just wanted to whiten them completely in one day haha. The instructions say to put the gel in the tray and transfer it to your teeth, but I'd recommend that yu just ditch the tray altogether and put the product directly on your teeth. Unfortunately, i did experience some sensitiviy, which is uncommon with this product. Maybe my teeth are just weird -_-

I highly recommend this product though, you won't be disappinted!

Who would you say were your biggest influences in becoming a model?

My parents had a lot to do with me wanting to model. They always encouraged me to chase my dreams, and whenever I seriously had to think about the career I wanted, modeling was always my first choice. I've been doing it for awhile now and I can honestly say that I don't regret this career path and I hope to persue it in the future. Aside from modeling, I'm going to college in the fall of 2014 to get my degree in medicine.  Thanks for submitting this question, Brett.

Are you actually from Austria?

No, I'm American. But my ethnicity is Austrian, Irish, and Scottish.

What workout do you do to get that perfect stomach that you have?

Well first of all, thank you for lying to me and saying my tummy is perfect (; haha But my diet/work-out plan is on my blog.

d r o p  m e  a  q u e s t i o n ,  i  l o v e  t o  h e a r  f r o m  y o u .<3

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