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NO. 35 DSTLD Jeans, Los Angeles

Fits like a glove

My friend Desiree Mitchell over at Young and Reckless asked me to shoot in some DSTLD denim for her, and i was so stoked!

I modeled some threads from Young and Reckless from Desiree as well about a year ago, and Im always pumped when she wants to send me some goodies to shoot in.

This brand has really blown up, and is super hot right now!

I absolutely love these jeans, and i cant even count how many castings I have gone to in these babies. They're the perfect addition to any outfit (:

Hope you like these photos that Aaron Mays collaborated on in his studio.

Hair, Makeup & Styling - Eva Catherine

photographer - Aaron Mays

Solid jeans (first few photos) - DSTLD

Ripped Jeans - Abercrombie

Black crop top - Bad Panda Apparel

denim shorts - Brandy Mellville

Self Tanner - Loving Tan Australia

Hair Extensions (last few photos) - Rapunzel Of Sweden

ps. Thank you Desiree, Aaron, and DSTLD for collaborating with me, I adore you (:



DSTLD Jeans.


Abercrombie jeans & Bad Panda crop top.


Brandy Mellville shorts and Bad Panda crop top.

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