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NO. 41 OOTD Feat. Forever 21 & Michael Kors

Downtown Chillin'

I shot a little campaign for Gull and Marie this past monday with my official blog photographer Dylan Prebich and I stole his SD card cause i just couldnt wait to look at the photos muahahaha

Hes the most chill photographer ive ever met.. most would never even let you look at the photos right away, let alone take the card home :p

So i met up with him today at this super cute little coffee lounge in Downtown Riverside called 'Back to the Grind' to relinquish his card. Our little buisness meetings have a way of turning into mini shoots, so here are some shots that actually turned out purdy neat :)


If you are a company looking to collaborate, email me :)

Outfit Details:

Green Knit Beanie - Forever 21

Leggings - Victorias Secret PINK

Crop Lace Sweater - Bloom

Watch - Michael Kors

Vest - Love Culture

Black Knee High Lace up Boots - Forever 21

Photographer - Dylan Prebich

Shark Tooth Pendant Necklace - SL Designs sponsor


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