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NO. 46 Swimlikeamermaid Kinis - I'm a Brand Ambassador!

Mermaid for a Day..

We all have a favorite eyebrow, don’t even try to argue with me.

OH HEY guys(:

I did a fun little shoot for SwimLikeAMermaid the other day and I’m stoked to share my trip to Laguna Beach with you. I took the swimwear label’s name quite literally, and turned myself into a mermaid for a sunny afternoon. It was nice to keep warm under my mermaid tail made of sand. 60 degrees is pretty chilly for a girl used to temps in the 90’s! Ughhhh

Loving this bikini though despite the freesing-ness. It’s got a super cute scoop back and brazillian bottoms that are a tad cheeky (;

GUESS WHAT! This bikini company has just appointed me brand ambassador. What does that even mean?! Well, it means that I will be sharing lots of different styles from SwimLikeAMermaid every month with you babes. Rad huh? Well I’m pretty pumped about it, and what’s in store for my blog and its extremely loved readers (:

Enough of my babbling… here are some photos fit for a mermaid princess. Yay

Ps. One last thing, ill film a tutorial on how I did this make up look of you would be interested in finding out how I did my smoky eye. xoxox

Shop Like a Mermaid HERE :)

Photo Deets: (click to get my look)

Photographer: Dylan Prebich

Hair/MUA/Stylist/Model: Eva Catherine

Bikini: Swim Like A Mermaid

Necklace: Forever 21




It was a pleasure collaborating with you. Loved your creativity creating a mermaid out of sand to go with the brand. Beautiful photos, and we really appreciated the thank you card you sent us after receiving the suit. Will most definitely work with you again!

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