NO. 57 An Effortlessly Gorgeous Hair Routine feat. Luxury For Princess extensions

Beachy Waves

Hey girlies! I know most of you fellow college babes are back to hitting the books this week after the winter break. It feels like all my energy goes towards studying, and I hate letting my appearance slip by because I'm busy with school. So, I came up with an easy way to have gorgeous hair everyday with minimal work. My trick for quick, effortless sexy hair? Luxury for Princess extensions. (If you dont have extensions, no worries! These tricks are still magical) And i dont wash it for 3 days. *ewww right?* naaahh my hair just takes forever to get gross. *thank God*

  • STEP 1. Wash your hair the night before. And condition it twice. Use a deep conditioner once a week. Just let it sit while doing hmwk ;)

  • STEP 2. Curl it with a wide barrel wand, or whatever styling tool your heart desires. The waves in these photos were made with a wide barrel waver from Target. Its M.A.G.I.C i swear!

  • STEP 3. LOTS OF HAIR SPRAY! I prefer Aussie because it smells AMAZING. And scrunch with some hair gel. Also Aussie. But not a lot, so it doesn't get crispy.

  • STEP 4. Brush it out, then put some argon oil on it to minimize frizz. Focus on your ends for that healthy/just-left-the-salon look. Avoid getting it on your roots because it'll look gross and oily.

The curls stay in for up to 3 days :) I just sleep with it in a low ponytail to keep it from tangling. For the extensions, i curl them the same way and clip them in. (Video on how to wear/clip in hair extensions HERE) At the end of the day, i brush them out and lay them flat on my bathroom counter. Then in the morning, i just clip them in and leave my house :) it literally takes me 5 minutes to do my hair every morning. Easy peasy! And the best part, these extensions hold curl for daaaaaays. About a week actually :) If you want some of your own, check out this link Gorgeous hair really is the cherry on top to any outfit. Taking a few extra minutes to style it can really make or break your look. I hope my tips help you, and you found this post useful :) Enjoy these photos from my recent campaign! ......Outfit deets // click to shop my look.....

Hair Extensions - Luxury For Princess Pants - Lira ( available @ Active Ride Shop ) Polka dot bikini top - Kiniswimwear, Australia Tan heel booties - Aldo Watch - Michael Kors Black crop top - Bloom Boutique Leather/Camo Jacket - Tillys Light-wash High waisted shorts - Brandy Melville Black studded shorts - Shop Outspokken Photographer - Dylan Prebich