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NO. 70 Safe Haven

Perfect Timing with Time Los Angeles

That feeling you get when you go through your film and see that perfect shot.. Priceless.

My blog photographer Dylan Prebich really got some amazing shots with giant waves crashing behind me (i struggled not to make a dumbass face because im terrified of the ocean) and I think these photos will take your breath away. Ashley Wagner, designer of Time Los Angeles, selected some unreleased pieces from her line to shoot with me, and I am so stoked to share them with you.

She even did my makeup for this shoot, and stood in some of the shots with me (:

With the right team, anything is possible. Even moving around tons of Spring Breakers at this beach (;


All Tops - Time Los Angeles

Blue skirt - Fame and Partner

Belts & Choker - Love Strength

Pink Swim Bottoms - Triangl

Ring - Tillys

Hair Extensions - Luxury For Princess

Floral Kimono - Hunted Dreams

Sea Glass Necklaces - Coastal Charms

High Waisted Shorts - RVCA

Bell Bottoms - Active Ride Shop (Lira Womens)

Photo Credits:

Stylist/model/hair: Eva Catherine

MUA/Designer: Ashley Wagner

Photographer: Dylan Prebich

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