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NO. 73 Beauty Tips Every Girl Should Know

The Beauty of it Is…

Almost all of these products are under $40! I’m always looking for that amazing price, without sacrificing quality. I’ve definitely found that with my top 10 favorite items at the moment. A few of them are new products that I tried for the first time this month, while others are tried and true and I’ve been using them for a decade. From fashion to beauty, these are my current loves:

Beaming White

FAVORITE NEW PRODUCT OF THE MONTH. Im always so skeptical about teeth whitening treatments. I don’t want to ruin my enamel or be in pain from the sensitivity the bleach sometimes causes.

I am so glad Beaming White hit me up to try their product, because it works insanely well! I’ve used it for 3 separate treatments lasting for 1 hour each and my teeth are noticeably whiter. The hoe whitening kit comes with a syringe of whitening gel and teeth trays and a blue gel to put on your teeth if they get too sensitive. After 3 hours with this stuff, I have not experienced any sensitivity. Thank God! LOL but I did notice toward the end of my 3rd treatment my teeth were a little sore. But oh well, small price to pay to have Beaming White teeth.

They are offering my friends an 80% off coupon code, which I highly recommend you take advantage of! The whitening pens are only $8 with mu discount (: I plan to use my own code to get another!

Find them on instagram @beamingwhite (:


Rate: 10/10


I have always been obsessed with Benefit Cosmetics. The packaging is so eye-catching that it always makes me lean towards buying the product just so I can have the box.. I’m weird like that haha but this stuff is a hit and miss. It’s a cream based concealer stick that I find works best on blemishes on the cheek area. I always attempt to put on the occasional dark circles under my eyes, but it always attracts the black makeup around my eyes and leaves me with strange black smears under the eye area. So now I need to be looking for a good under-eye congealer. If you have a favorite brand, let me know because I’d love to try it out!

Rate: 7/10


For $25 this foundation is a God-send. It smells so good and goes on flawlessly. If you have bad skin, this covers well, and breathes so it will not break you out. I am always re-purchasing this, and I am so obsessed with it. Never be cheap when it comes to makeup. Cheaper brands can give you wrinkles, so those extra few dollars are without a doubt worth it.

Rate: 10/10

K-Pak Joico

I’ve been slowly going blonde over the past year, and all the bleaching treatments have left my hair so gross and dry. It literally feels like straw sometimes. You can’t really tell in pictures because my healthy extensions balance it out, but it really bothered me.

My boyfriend’s aunt recommended that I try the Joico K-Pak, and I found that it works miracles! My hair is so much softer and healthy looking.

I didn’t do it as the packaging said though, I applied it to damp hair under a shower cap for 15 minutes, then blow dried it for 5 minutes. If your hair needs a pick me up, go pick up this product. It’s a little pricey. I paid $26 for this tube. But it goes a long way (:

Rate 9/10

Nars Powder

This is my all time favorite powder. I used to have bad skin, and as soon as I put this on top of my liquid foundation, my skin looked absolutely flawless. It was $40 at Nordstrom, and I plan on re-purchasing it as soon as it runs out. Ive had it for about 8 months and there’s still a decent amount left, so Im assuming itll last you around 10 months if used wisely. But I use mine almost every day and its lasted this long. GET SOME

Rate: 10/10

Makeup Forever HD

This stuff is perfect for photo shoots. It’s on the more expensive side, I paid $35 for it so I recommend not using this every single day. It’s more of a special occasion kind of makeup. But It covers well and gives you a matte finish. I used to use Makeup Forever Matte Velvet, and that stuff is incredible as well. The coverage is close to MAC, but it wont break you out (:

Rate: 10/10

ALDO Booties:

I was walking through the mall with my boyfriend when I saw these, and ran into the store. I Picked them up and looked at the price tag: $130. WHAAAT. So I decided to pass on buying them and continue shopping. I came back to the mall a few days later, and ALDO was doing a 50% off sale, so I ended up purchasing these babies for $70. I was beyond stoked! I just wore these for a Chris Brown music video, and they didn’t even hurt my feel. ALDO is the only shoe store that Ill drop money in (: I also higly getting the suede care spray, its saved the life of these babies after walking through all that desert sand for Chris’ video.

Rate: 10/10

Forever 21 Pink Spring Purse:

I found this gorgeous little bag the other day, and it is the perfect Spring time piece. I always use the same Michael Kors bag, and decided I needed to switch things up. So for $25 this purse was a great purchase and is proving to be an amazing addition to my wardrobe. I just wish it had some pockets inside L And it doesn’t seem to clean very well.

Rate: 8/10

Aura Candles

Candles have always been one of my favorite parts about home décor. I am obsessed with this line of candles. I intern for a company called “Lovestrength” ( im sure you’ve heard of them, I post about them all the time LOL) and the owners daughter has this amazing candle line. Ill be shooting with these candles in Joshua Tree next week during sunset, and it is going to look incredible! I was stoked that she sold travel candles so it will be easy for me to take on the road with me.

Did I mention these smell like heaven?(:

Rate: 10/10

Neutrogena Moisturizer

This stuff makes my skin happy. It hasn’t broken me out, and itleaves my face feeling so smooth and silky. My mom uses Oil of Olay, and shes 55 without wrinkles. The trick is moisturizing your neck as well. Thats where the wrinkles can really age you. So im thinking of leaving this product for what she uses, but its hard because I love this stuff so much! I recommend trying this oil free moisturizer, and Oil of Olay when you get a chance (:

Rate 10/10

MAC Perfume:

This is my all time favorite perfume. Over the years, I’ve work Vera Wang Princess, and bunch of vanilla scents, but this perfume for MAC smells incredible and makes me feel more grown up. It’s like all the good smells of walking into Nordstrom all in one. When I smell it, it makes me feel like I’m shopping instead of being at work. I have it in the travel roll on version, and it’s a perfect size to keep in my purse for scent touch ups. (: Highly recommend checking this perfume out.

Hope my reviews were helpful! Until next time,

Eva Catherine

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