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NO. 78 Custom 'Eva Catherine' piece from J Fox Jewelry

Necklace Heaven

OMG So excited to announce that Iv'e teamed up with J Fox Jewelry to bring you an exclusive 'Eva Catherine' Necklace! It is absolutely stunning, and think youre going to love it! Jen over at J Fox truly does make some of the cutest necklaces and rings ive seen. I have one ring in green and one in blue that I wear all the time. Her crystal necklaces are to die for! The piece im the most obsessed with is this stunning teal statement necklace. As soon as I saw it, I knew I had to have it in my newest collection shot in Joshua Tree. Photos are below for you lovelies to check out (:

Her jewels and my exclusive 'Eva Catherine' necklace can be purchased at @JFoxJewelry on Instagram.

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Necklaces - J Fox Jewelry

Skirt - Fox House

Crochet top, Silver Bracelet, - Raga La

Beatles Tank - Shabby Babe Vintage

Belts - Lovestrength

Shorts - RVCA Womens

Bells - Lira

American Flag Top - BoobyPack

Photo Credits:

Photographer - Aaron Mays

Model/Stylist/Hair/MUA/Blogger/Editor - Eva Catherine


Joshua Tree Raga La 3_edited.jpg

Exclusive Eva Catherine Necklace (:

Joshua Tree Raga La 3.jpg

Joshua Tree Raga La 2.jpg

Joshua Tree J Fox 4.jpg
Joshua Tree Shabby Babe Jfox2.jpg

Joshua Tree J Fox 3.jpg

Joshua Tree BoobyPack ShabbyBabeJfox 4.jpg

Joshua Tree BoobyPack ShabbyBabeJfox 3.jpg


Joshua Tree Beatles tee Jfox Raga.jpg

Joshua Tree Beatles tee Jfox Raga_edited.jpg

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