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NO. 84 Summer Haze with MOSSEE

Hello June!

Beachy Sweaters and Floppy hats are my favorie summer uniform. These new peices from Mossee's new range are incredible . They are so soft and versatile. I found them effortlessly simple to style, and for an indecisive woman like me, that was a dream come true. These pieces are easy to dress up or down, and thats another feature that i was keen on. Scrolll down for some summer outfit ideas (:

PS. The first photo in the sweater is the same top as the one worn below it with the flowy skirt, only worn backwards(;

Outfit Details:

Sweater, Pencil Skirt, Coat - Mossee

Hat- Pacsun

Green Skirt - Tillys

Ombre Hair Extensions - Rapunzel of Sweden

Tan - Brown Cow Tanning, Au

Silver Belt and Concho Chocker - Lovestrength

Rings - The Silver Elements

Blue Bracelet - Ettika

Silver Watch - MVMT Watches Women

Teal and Silver Coin Necklace - Raga

Photo Credits:

Photographer - Dylan Prebich @DylanPrebich

Model/Blogger/Editor/Stylist/Hair/Makeup - Eva Catherine

Location - Corona Del Mar


mossee 2.jpg

mossee top 4.jpg

mossee top back.jpg

mvmt x raga x mossee x silver.jpg

mossee coat 2.jpg

mossee 7.jpg

mossee 6.jpg

mossee top2.jpg

Mossee 4.jpg

mossee 8.jpg

mossee top 3.jpg

mossee top 5.jpg

mossee top smile.jpg

mossee top.jpg

mossee x raga.jpg

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