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NO. 100 Summer Beauty Favorites

DM Skincare

This skincare line is amazing. It smells great, and leaves your skin feeling nice and clean (:

Im such a sucker for cute packaging, and this product definitely sold me there! The bar soap is so vintage and gets the job done. Im excited to work these products in my daily skincare routine, and take them on my travels.

Shop it HERE (: Instagram - @dmskincare

Memebox Monthly Makeup Surprises

Getting surprise makeup packages every month? Youre kidding right? Nope! Memebox sends me a package of an off-the-wall product that you never would have known you needed until you tried it. I got these lip exfoliators, and it has been a miracle worker. I makes your lips feel SO soft, and your lipstick looks flawless when you apply it. And stays on longer (:

The Pony Collection is one of my all time favorites. It came with 4 lipsticks that are my go-to summer colors (and they will transition into fall nicely) and a eye shadow quad with shimmery nuetrals.

Check it all out : HERE

Teami BlendsTea

This tea is wonderful. Its so good when you drink it iced. Im not the biggest fan of herbal tea flavors, so I just use a few tablespoons of water with the normal amount of tea, and make myself a tea shot. Its easy, and fast!

But if youre more of a sipper, I recomment sugar and ice (:

Shop it HERE: Instagram - @TeamiBlends

YouBlue Becca Peppermint Coffee Scrub

My all time favorite scrub! It smells so damn good. It reminds me of a peppermint mocha, and my favorite season! I didnt want to wash it off haha

Normal coffee scrubs are great, but i highly recommend a peppermint scented scrub. It just smells cleaner because of its minty goodness (:

Shop it HERE : Instagram - @YouBlue_

Wanderlust watches

Cutest little watch. Ive never owned one with a soft leather band, and it is so much more confortable that the normal metal watches. I also love the color combination. Its a perfect neutral, so it matches everything and can be dressed up or down.


Another monthly surprise package. except this one has an amazing purpose! Its made for your "time of the month" and its filled with everything a girl needs when shes on her period. Mine came in handy on my trip to Big Sur. It came with pads, (or tampons, you choose the brand and everything) lipgloss, nail polish, hair band, earrings, bronzer, makeup brush, makeup remover towels, and more! The only thing i wish it came with is Ben and Jerrys, but otherwise its an $8 steal (: Thats how much you spend on tampons alone! Get one ladies (:

Shop it HERE : Instagram - @TomBoxes

Courtier Life Charger

This portable charger is a life saver when im on set and my phone is about to die. It charges so fast, and the charger itself has a pretty decent battery life.(: It looks like a chanel lipstick, which sold me! One of my all time favorite things to keep in my purse.

Shop it HERE: Instagram - @CourtuerLife

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