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NO. 115 The Only Kind of Laundry You'll Wanna Do

Skin that looks smooth as a baby's bottom? Sign me up.

I had my first laser skin treatment today, and I'm hooked.

I was absolutely terrified of testing these waters, but it turned out great. The laser itself felt like you were being poked by a pen a million times, but it was bearable. And it was over in 5 minutes, which was great and kept me from having anxiety. The nurses were so nice, and answered all my billion questions.

The treatment hasnt broken me out or harmed my skin, which surprised me because my skin typically breaks out easily whenever i try new products. It just turned a little more pink than usual, and any blemishes that were under the layers of dead skin surfaced. Which is fine in my book since my skin feels so soft and clean! (:

This series of treatments is such an amazing investment in my (and your) career, and i cant wait to see my end results!

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