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NO. 116 Beauty & Health Products Worth Checkin Out

Action Tea

October has been a month full of experimentation with beauty products. I've discovered some of the best stuff and am stoked to share it with you!

Action Tea

Sometimes you just need a break from coffee without the break from energy. This tea is the perfect alternative. Gives you the same pick me up as coffee and tastes heavenly (: I prefer mine cold, but Action Tea served hot is just as delicious. LETS CRUSH IT!

Dermae Skincare

Another few skincare lines ive tried include Dermae. This face mask is so convenient. It doesnt dry out when you store it because its in a re-sealable tube. Awesome! No more wasted product that makes you wanna cry. My first impression was that it smelled pretty good for being a charcoal mask (: I really liked it exfoliating qualites; it felt liek ti got deep down into my pores and cleaned out all the bad stuff. It left my skin beautiful (:

SHOP: http://dermae.com

Raw Sugar

THIS STUFF SMELLS AMAZING! The lemon soap bars are incredible; id eat them if i didnt know it was soap! LOL

I definitely love and recommend this new line. Their coconut body wash made my skin so soft and left me smelling like the carribbean (: You can find it at Target.

SHOP: http://rawsugarliving.com

White With Style

Honestly, the most effective teeth whitener ive ever tried. I had some noticible results after the first use. I popped the whitening try into my mouth for 10 minutes while i curled my hair and was so happy with the pearly white results (:

Use my code:EVAC28 for a $28 kit thats orignally $250+

SHOP: http://www.whitewithstyle.com

Beauty Con

This has to be the most amazing gift box yet. Its filled with so many legit products! I was pumped on the "Theyre Real" benefit mascara and elf makeup brushes (: It also had a poster, cute bumper sticker, jewelry, midi rings, and so much more amazingness! Sign up ladies, youre going to feel like its your birthday every month (:

SIGN UP: http://beautycon.com

TruSelf Organics

Ive always been a fan of Tru Self's face mask. They just came out with a shampoo and conditioner set... and let me just say that it smells heavenly. Its definitely on par with their face mask. It has that salon smell and thats a huge selling point in my book! (: Ill be working this into my hair routine, forsure!



Florapy Face Masks

These masks are so moisturizing. The mask itself is covered in what seems like liotion-y goodness, and went on so smoothly. I left it on for about 10 minutes, and It made my skin so soft. It provived the perfect base for my foundation. (: These will deinitely be making their way into my skin routine, and they should wiggle their way into yours as well (:

​SHOP: www.http://florapybeauty.cm

Frank Bod box

The skincare world has been poppin out some incredible products lately. Im a huge fan of the Frank Bod series, and cant get enough of their coffee scrub! They introduced a body cream, and im unfortunately not the biggest fan because it doesnt smell good. at all. if it smelled like Espresso, id be in (: But theyre packaging is cute and thats one of the best parts (;