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NO. 129 Desert Rising

Band of Gypsies

I adventured out to Palm Springs with my boyfriend (who is my photographer), and we found this amazing-ly lit abandoned road. Needless to say, I pulled over and we started shooting. Minutes into it, a cop drives up. I was thinking we were in trouble for trespassing or lack of permit or whatever, but it turned out he was there to kick us out because some crew was filming a scene for a movie... I guess finders keepers isnt real. LOL

But this just allowed us to venture off and find an even more amazing location, and Im stoked to show you the outcome :)

Outfit Details // Click to Shop

Band of Gypsies - purple dress, white bell top

MinkPink - fur vest

Paul Hewitt - Ancuff silver anchor bracelet

A Marie Jewelry - beaded bracelets

MIA Shoes - gladiator sandals

Lovestrength - belt

Rica - white dress

Windsor - sunnies

Miss Pap - black over knee frings boots

Salt Water Luxe - sunset floral maxi

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