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NO. 140 Afternoon Treats with Lyfe Tea

Give me a flat tummy

I'm all about health and wellness, and thats one of the main reasons im stoked about this detox tea, Lyfe Tea.

Ive tried several, and this one is the least herbal tasting. It smells fresh and just like black tea from Starbucks :) needless to say, Im sold!!


If youre not the biggest fan of tea, but still want to experience the benefits of its drtoxifying qualities, make your tea more concentrated. I only use about 1/4 cup boinling water and a teaspoon of tea to make mine into a shot of tea, versus a full cup. :) #lifehack

This particular tea is wonderful. It Beautifies the skin, Promotes energy, Promotes proper digestion, Acts as an antioxidant, Takes care of the immune system of the body, Promotes healthy circulatory system, it is an anti-inflammatory, Gives a feeling of general wellness, Supports the normal sugar levels of the body.

Photo Credits // Click to Shop

Wearing - MinkPink kink & Titika Active

Photographer - Johnny Chicollo

Model/Blogger/Stylist - Eva Catherine

Location - Table Rock Beach, Laguna California


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