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NO. 150 // 2016 Spring favorites

Must haves...

Seasonal goodies handpicked by me for y.o.u :)

Skincare, haircare, and healthy diet products to help you start your spring off right, and feel energized:


Completely love this stuff. sooo easy to use :) plus its peroxide free, which is great.

Only takes 10 minutes, so i pop in the whitening trays while I shower or reply to emails. Ultimate multitasking tool ;)

COCO Scrub

smelling good and feeling soft (:

I have always been a fan of coffee scrubs. Especially love them because they get off old tanning products that are stuck on the surface of my skin, so that new tanner applies evenly. *super important!*

This particular brand, COCO Scrub, smells fruitier than your usual scrub, so i feel like its a perfect spring-y product to try :)



I usually wont do face masks, but this one was easy to mix and easy to take off :)

It left my skin soft, and surprisingly not red *total relief*

It comes with a little spoon to mix with so you dont have to worry about searching for something to mix with :) It took a little longer to dry than other face masks, which I liked, becasue there was less of that "my face is frozen in stone" feeling :)

Scentbird Perfume Versache

Committing to your signature scent is definitely a big choice to make for a girl. I bounce between scents on a day-to-day basis, and it almost feels like a waste to spend $100+ on a full bottle of perfume when I only use a tiny bit of it, and only use it once in awhile.

Scentbird offers monthly perfume (travel/roller size) for us to try out and make sure that we like it :) It's just enough to last 1 month, and it fits perfectly in my purse :)

I find it to be the perfect travel companion. it keeps me from worrying that my glass perfume bottles will break in my carry on. I got mine in Versache Absolu and im in love!

Check it out here for $14 per month. Use my code: EVA25 to get 25% off :)

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