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NO. 146 Its The Sheet (;

Beach Road Designs

Something I absolutely love about this company is how they give back. This sharky little "Feeding Frenzy" Beach Sheet - the great white shark sheet donates (10%) of each sheet sold to the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy - a group dedicated to researching and studying the great white shark. They are a big organization and doing some great work, here's their website if you'd like to check it out!

These are a favorite because theyre so huge! I can fit 3 other people on this sheet comfortably, and its perfect for beach picnics :)

Im also contemplating using one as a shower curtain (;

Outfit Details:

Tacos and Tequila tank - Mink Pink x Canyon Country PR

Bikini Top - Siempre Golden

Hat - Dynamic Asia

Belt - Lovestrength

Bracelet - Embella

Photo details:

Photographer - Johnny Chicollo

Model/Blogger/Stylist - Eva Catherine

Location - Crystal Cove

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