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NO. 254 // bedroom update + dream room inspiration

Gray Hues

This obsession of mine with interior decorating has hit an all time high. Houston we have a problem!

I've finally been able to put the finishing touches on my bedroom, and I couldn't be happier.

I made a clothing rack out of a beautiful branch i found while hiking in Wrightwood, and used a swag hook kit to hang it from the ceiling with twine :) It supports up to 30lbs, which is perfect for holding clothing that I need to style and shoot. Overall, this project costed around $7.

I also love love love my little hanging candle stand. It makes my room feel so much more whimsical! Got it for $60 at World Market. Details about bedding etc. up on my Instagram *tap for tags* feature

a few tips from my own bedroom decorating experience:

- Layer rugs for a more cozy feeling. got my printed area rug from Rugs USA

- use neutral colors for a calming effect

- use a repurposed log as a clothing rack instead of buying one

- all white errythannngggg with accent colors, ofcourse!

-light french gray paint by sherwinn williams looks amazing

- a fresh bright white coat of paint on your baseboards will give

your space an instant facelift

I hope these tips help! Enjoy the inspo below :)


Eva Caherine

These images above were photographed by me, of my own bedroom.

The images below are taken from various sources, credits unknown. #NOTMYPHOTOS

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