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NO. 177 Summer Beautifying with Truself Organics

My skin has been freaking out during this weird weather southern California has been having. I pretty much gave up on my skin, until i decided to try a clay face mask! I received this product from Truself Organics and I absolutely love my results, and will definitely be using it when my skin breaks out again.

How do you use the mask? Heres some steps taken straight from the source,!

Step 1: Rinse your (beautiful!) face.

Step 2: Mix 1 tablespoon Detoxifying Mask powder with 1 tablespoon purified water or Detoxifying Solution, which is specially formulated to enhance the mask's unique healing properties.

Tip: If you purchased the Utensil Set or the Detoxifying Mask Kit, the largest spoon will make enough for a few people! Share with your friends!

Step 3: Once the mixture is smooth, smear that good stuff all over your face! Keep it about one centimeter away from your eyes an lips.

Step 4: Let that goodness dry and do its thing. Your skin will feel super tight, but don’t worry..the mask is pulling toxins out of your skin. Rinse, and enjoy!


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