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NO. 179 Go to's For Hair Growth, Shine, & Softness.

Eva's holy grail of hair products.


Viviscal - for growth!

Ever since i cut my hair short, I've been trying to find healthy ways to grow it back quicker. Well, I've found it! Viviscal is drug free and helps make your hair thicker and fuller. This is a huge plus for me, because the right side of my hair decided it doesn't want to grow anymore.. LOL I guess we all have a good side!

Im pretty excited to see my results in a few months :)

Try Viviscal out for yourself HERE.


Rapunzel of Sweden Argon Oil - for shine!

Seriously... where has this been all my life?! I use this religiously whenever i style my hair. It gets rid of the fly-aways, gives my hair shine, and makes it smell amazing! Argon oil is sold at drug stores, but I highly recommend this one! Rapunzel of Sweden sells my favorite Argon Oil, and Ill definitely be repurchasing.

Get yourself some hair fit for a mermaid HERE.

(salty beach air destroys my hair styles, but when i used this oil, it stayed perfect!)


SudSoapCo hair mask - for softness!

Hair masks are a lifesaver with dry climates. California summers are usually pretty hot and dry, which is why I've been desperate for some moisture rich treatments.

Taken straight from the source:

Perfect blend of Argon oil, Shea Butter, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Tea tree oil and castor oil to moisturize deep and repair each strand of hair.

Ive found that all of these ingredients work amazingly for your hair independently of each other. Combining them into one mask is a match made in heaven. Apply it to damp hair for the best results *in my opinion*

Seriously get your hands on this before it sells out! HERE :)

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