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NO. 183 // 5 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Beverly Hills Hilton

Destination 90210

Reason #1: The Royal Treatment

As soon as i pulled up to the valet, i felt like a princess. Everyone at the Beverly Hilton is incredibly kind, and are ready to indulge your every whim. Their in- house spa & gym just make the stay perfect. They also have live music in their lobby, and daily happy hour. I highly suggest trying their MaiTai, it is delicious! (no wonder they're know for it!) They even custom baked me sugar cookies! And left me some red nail polish and a Beverly Hills Hilton phone case. Plus an Ipad for the room. How sweet! :)

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Reason #2: A Room Fit for a Princess

I am such a sucker for a gorgeous white bedroom with a dreamy balcony, and the Beverly Hilton stole my heart with their decor. Did i mention the incredible view off the balcony? We had the most scenic view of the Aqua Star Pool, which is the largest heated pool in Beverly Hills. I believe it is an olympic sized pool, as well :) Waking up in a luxuriously soft bed to the sun peeking through the sheer white drapes was invigorating, and was the perfect way to start the day. Nothing quite like some soft sunshine to get you out of bed in the morning. The tough part was actually getting up & out of the sinfully soft bed. I practically had to be dragged ;) But, the gorgeous bathroom complete with a television to watch while curling my hair encouraged me to get up and get ready, Because downstairs 6 stories below, a breakfast buffet awaited.


Reason #3: Incredible Indulgences

The in-room coffee maker complete with Coffee Bean grounds was delicious and the option for room service breaky was tempting... but what was even more enticing was the delicious breakfast buffet! Complete with an omelet bar, bread bar, smoked salmon, bagels, fruit, different kinds of breakfast potatoes (including sweet potatoes!) and tons of juice choices. Their cappuccinos are divine, and their regular coffee is delicious as well. Not only are their breakfast's amazing, they have just introduced their 'Serata Italiana' dinner menu. Their chefs are straight from Rome! I met the head chef, and he is incredible. His food.. perfection! I ordered their ravioli, and my man got their lasagna, and we were both very happy with our choices. They also offered us complementary champagne tastings throughout the meal, which was wonderful. Their appetizers are pretty yummy too; we tried their beef cho-cho, and felt like we were at Beni Hana! Love hibachi style snacks. I was also super stoked to try their house made peanut butter on some delicious crackers! It definitely gives Jiff & Skippy a run for their money! Also, their bread is amazing, and so is their olive tapenade. Best olive bread topping I've had in my entire life. You can check out restaurant: Trader Vic's on their website HERE! :)


Reason #4: Destination 90210 - Walking distance of Rodeo Drive

Beverly Hills is one of the most famous cities in the world, and is home to the Iconic Rodeo Drive. RD is known for its indulgent shopping, its magic, and its atmosphere. It has a 24 hour cupcake ATM (1st of its kind!), a $12 million dollar store that requires a reservation to shop, with a $10,000 average spent by customers each trip, and a police department that responds in less than a minute! This is such a streamlined city, and you really feel like a "somebody" while youre there. Same goes for staying at the Beverly Hills Hilton :) Another aspect I loved was that it was so close to the hotel! The BH even offers a complimentary shuttle to Rodeo. Although I live in SoCal, this was my first time walking around here. I was mesmerized by all the gorgeous store fronts and prestigious designers the outdoor mall housed. Each one was unique, and over the top in design. Definitely a place you should check off your bucket list! If you dont, you are missing out big time!


Reason #5: The pool

Where is the best place to be on a hot summer day? By the Aqua Star olympic sized pool, of course! I'm so in love with their decor: striped cabanas, french doors, a bar right by the water, touches of navy, teal, and coral... just beautiful! And it never goes out of style. The same design (just about) was featured on a 1960's vintage post card and its remained one of the hot spots of Beverly Hills. I have definitely decided that I will decorate my future outdoor space to emulate this perfection. I recommend enjoying their coffee & cake special at the cafe right near the pool. They offer fresh baked classics from 1-4 pm accompained by your choice of Starbucks coffee. Talk about heavenly! I had such a relaxing afternoon floating around on their lounges :)

Check out their feed on Instagram @BeverlyHilton #BeverlyHilton to see the latest happenings and live posts from the red carpet! You can also follow my adventures from the BH on my instagram @evaacatherine and snapchat with the same username. Happy creeping ;)

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