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NO. 249 Holiday Beauty + Health Gift Guide

Kapow Teeth Whitening Kit

No holiday outfit is complete without a white smile.

I love the concept behind this fun teeth whitening kit! Its superhero based, and definitely has its own superpowers. My teeth are looking great!

Shop this miracle worker HERE :)

Womens Best Protein

All of this holiday food is amazing, don't get me wrong, I'm a total foodie. But i definitely try to sneak in a Women's Best meal replacement protein shake to make up for all the Thanksgiving and Christmas Decadences.

They're actually having a sale on their products (up to 78% off) through November 26th, so get yourself something delicious and nutritious :)

Shop Womens Best HERE

Sole Serum

Okay, so this is a product I wish i found a LONG time ago. Sole Serum makes a miracle serum containing lidocaine to calm and soothe your nerves, lavender oil to help soothe inflammation, and mint + tea tree oils to soothe and moisturize your feeties after a long day in heels. You just apply to the bottom of your feet, let it dry for 1 minute and ta-da! You're ready to rock the runway or work place pain free.

This is the perfect gift for a bride to give her bridesmaids, or vice versa. (and the perfect stocking stuffer!!) I'll definitely be packing this in my photoshoot bags! It's every girls survival kit must have.

Check it out HERE :)