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Coffee Skincare? YAS

Nyakio Skincare

I'm a die hard coffee addict. When i discovered NYAKIO's skincare line, i was so excited! Here are some of my favorite ways to utilize the benefits of these incredible beauty products.

I love this exfoliant because it gets all the dead skin cells off, and preps my skin for my tanning products and helps them absorb better and last longer. I am so obsessed with how amazing this smells!

I highly recommend using a lip exfoliant for: soft lips + the perfect blank slate for lipstick. There's nothing worse than lipstick caking onto dead lip skin, creating unwanted "speed bumps" + forever ruining photos. Using this product before applying lipstick will help to avoid those, and help your lipstick glide on perfectly for a flawless look.

Face polish is a bit more abrasive than a daily face scrub, so I recommend using this 1-2 times weekly before bed. You will wake up with some incredibly soft, glowing skin. You wont even need to wear foundation :)

Chamomile Soothing Sleep Mask //

Need a mid-week pick me up, or having trouble sleeping? Give this a try, you'll thank me later ;)

Red Ginseng Line Smoothing Lip and Eye Cream //

We all have those days that we feel our fine lines are looking a bit more than fine. The red ginseng line smoothing cream works wonders in smoothing these out and creating the perfect canvas for flawless foundation application.

// Shop this amazing skincare line in stores at ULTA or by clicking the links below //

You can follow them on Instagram @nyakiobeauty, and share your favorite products by tagging #NyakioBeauty and @ultabeauty


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