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The last stop of our Tulum getaway to was Diamante K. This gorgeous beachfront resort is a 1.5 hour car ride from Can Cun airport, and about a 15 minute bike ride from all the fun stuff along the main road full of boutiques and restaurants in Tulum. 'El Diamante K is located on an area that the Maya ancestors believed was protected by the gods, a special place chosen for rituals of initiation and to witness the birth of Father Sun.' We felt like we were in our own tropical world while staying here, and cherished our nights spent lulled to sleep by the ocean. Keep reading, and you'll be booking your flight to Quintana Roo!

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This beachfront resort had its own private beach cove, and our cabana was steps away from this secluded oasis. Unfortunately, May in Tulum brings seaweed so we were not able to swim but we still enjoyed the view and laying out in the cabanas. This area is located near the secret garden, which is a beautiful wooden platform surrounded by tropical foliage making it the perfect place for morning yoga. A few steps away from our room was the restaurant, and you can small amazing things cooking while lying on the beach. It truly felt like we were on vacation while here.

Every inch of this place felt like a bohemian paradise. From the stunning canopy bed to the engraved mirror, to the stone walls to the macrame wall hangings, I felt right at home amongst the boho details. This gypsy nest has given me so much inspiration for my future home. We were given room 13 for our 2 night staycation, and our room included an adorable red couch and a table and chairs. The only thing missing in this room was a fridge, but since we were right by the restaurant, this was no biggy.

One of the most epic elements of suite 13 was the indoor/outdoor living situation it provided. Personally, I had a love/hate relationship with this. Positives: the outdoor space was incredibly beautiful, and it was so nice taking a shower outside with the ocean breeze. I loved not having to dry off, because the humidity + breeze did the job for me. Negatives: No privacy, because there is no bathroom door. Without a door, the room was filled with bugs, especially gnats and mosquitos. I even stepped on a bee at one point. Since there was no way to close off the bathroom from the room, there was no AC unit so it was always hot and humid in the room. But, the canopy bed had a fan attached to the roof of it, and we were able to close up the canopy around the bed completely to create a barrier from all the critters which helped us sleep easy at night. These sorts of things just come with the territory when you visit a jungle beach hotel :) Not complaining, just warning you that this is something to be prepared for, as we were surprised by all of this. Of course, there are many other rooms on the property, and Im sure not all of them are like this.

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