How to {effortlessly} Get Beach Hair

Anyone who travels frequently understands what it's like to be pressed for time when getting ready in the morning. Balancing your travel itinerary and your normal morning routine can be daunting.

It's so important to find a quick and easy routine + arsenal of hair products to make your mornings easier when you're on the go. The key to vacation hair is not doing too much. I have found that a little Back to the Beach Spray + Volume Maximizer Spray by Beautopia Hair goes a long way in the humid climate of Tulum. This has been the ultimate holy grail product of my travels, and I love how Back to the Beach Spray allows me to spend less time getting ready and more time enjoying my travels without sacrificing style.

Step one // wash + condition + towel dry your hair

Step two // finger comb your hair + generously apply "Back to the Beach spray" to damp hair

Volume Maximizer SprayStep three // spray on the first 2 inches on the hair shaft to pump up the volume

Step four // make sure your part is where you want it (I like mine in the middle), and allow hair to dry

Step five // go about your day and let the beach spray bring out your natural beach waves!

Step six // if you feel your hair is a bit frizzy, add some Beautopia Shine Drops to tame the mane + add some shine

My hair is naturally 1/2 wavy + 1/2 straight, and I find that the beach spray gives some wave and texture to the straight pieces, giving me that effortless beach look that I am going for.


this post is in partnership with Beautopia Hair