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Armoire Makeover

I love a good DIY project. I started considering making my own dream armoire when i googled "white mirrored armoire" and saw that the price was $1500+! I'm all about investment pieces, but c'mon. Thats insane. This got me thinking of ways I can achieve that expensive look I am going for without breaking the bank. DIY projects have always been a passion of mine, and I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to get out some creative energy and get exactly what I want out of an armoire. Here's what I did.

Home Depot or Lowes Shopping List:

Behr Marquee Paint in Ultra White $45 (this is a paint + primer)

Paint Brush, Roller, Pan

Sand Paper - 80 grit

Canvas to lay on the floor to protect your space while you paint

Additional items to buy:

Knobs ( Anthropologie, Home Goods, Marshalls, Amazon has cute ones)

Custom made mirrors to add to the doors around $140 (optional) *find a mirror + glass shop near you

Contact paper in a pattern of your choice (Amazon has great options)



Before starting the below steps, go on Pinterest and find some inspiration images as a jumping off point.

1. Measure the space that you plan to put your armoire.

2. Go on the OfferUp app or good old Craigslist and find an armoire that you like, in the dimensions you need.

3. Purchase the armoire, hop in your truck, and pick up your new piece of furniture.

4. Purchase white paint + brush/roller, sand paper, wall paper, and your handles + knobs.

5. Sand down the armoire ENTIRELY. Do not skip this step. If the armoire has a clear coat and you don't sand it, the paint will eventually peel off. Sanding it ensures that the paint will adhere and soak into the wood like we need it to.

6. Clean off the dust that accumulates while sanding with a wet rag + dry it completely 7. Remove the doors + all hardware to make painting easier. I recommend using a screw gun, it's much faster and easier than just using a screw driver.

8. Make sure you put a canvas down on the floor to protect your space

9. Make sure that your painting in a well ventilated area. Paint outside if you can! If you cant, make sure you open the windows.

1o. Open your paint, stir it, and pour about 1/5th of the gallon into your paint pan. Refill as needed as you go.

11. Get out your brush, and start painting the edges, corners, and crevices

12. Paint your first coat all over your armoire

13. REPEAT steps 11 +12 until you completely cover your armoire.

14. If you want to give it a distressed look, sand the edges and let the wood show through.

15. If you plan to put mirrors in your doors, go online and find a "mirror and glass" shop nearby. Give them a call, and drop your doors off with them. They will custom cut + mount your new mirrors in your doors. When you pick them up, make sure you bring something to wrap them in for the drive home.

16. Apply your contact paper to the inside of your doors.

17. Move your armoire to where you plan to keep it

18. Re- attach your doors to your armoire

19. Add your knobs

20. Enjoy your armoire!

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