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Coachella Ready with Emmer

Hey Gypsie!

Are you headed to the desert for Coachella but have no idea what to wear? Festivals can be difficult to dress for if you aren't totally into the crazy glitter and skimpy clothing. If you feel me, then you're going to love EMMER. This brand has the most adorable + flattering pieces that are perfect for Coachella for the more conservative girl. From jumpsuits to tees to printed maxi skirts, they have it all. Head over to www.emmerandoat.com and use code EVA for 20% off.

Jumpsuit - Emmer

Tee - Emmer

Skirt - Emmer

Fanny pack - Anthropologie

Suede boots - Matisse

Hat - Lack of Color Earrings - Bauble Bar

Brown Sandals - AS98