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*drum roll please* MY LOFTICE IS FINISHED! I have been working on my loft-office for the past 7 months, and am so excited that is officially done. Installing my new rattan pendant from Wanderlust Lighting pulled everything together perfectly. I didn't even plan this, but the color of this pendant exactly matches my bohemian chair + bar cart! Ever since Home Goods decided to stock bar carts, I couldn't help myself. I had to get one! Instead of using it for its' intended purpose, I use it to hold all of my office supplies, planners, + hanging file folders. On the opposite side of the room from the bar cart, I keep a hanging clothes rack for all of the pieces I plan to shoot each week. I got mine for $10 at IKEA :) To warm up the space, I added some cozy fur pelts + pillows from World Market, and picked some Pampas Grass from the side of the road to use a an arrangement. I seriously love how this space has come together, and have linked my favorite pieces for you below.


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