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Hi beauties!

Can you believe Halloween is this weekend?! CRAZY. This whole year really blew by, but has also been the slowest years at the same time. It's finally starting to feel like Fall in California - we are supposed to see 70 degree temps this week, and I am breaking out all my favorite cozy pants! I am pretty selective about which trends I follow, but the Plaid trend is one I can get behind. There are endless ways you can incorporate this trend into your seasonal wardrobe. Wether you prefer to accent your look with some plaid with a scarf or bag, or you want to go all out like me in plaid trousers & jumpsuit's, I've got you covered.

------------------------------------------------------ PLAID PANTS ----------------------------------------------------

---------------------------------------------------- PLAID JUMPSUITS ------------------------------------------------

--------------------------------------------------- PLAID OUTERWEAR ----------------------------------------------


Top: Petal and Pup

Pants: Old Forever 21

Hat - Stetson

Sweater - Revolve

Pants - Urban Outfitters

Jumpsuit - Old Forever 21

Longsleeve - Free People

Backpack - Radley

Blazer Dress - Old Nasty Gal


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