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Bohemian fashion is about creativity, fun, and self-expression, and thankfully it’s an

easy look to pull off. Read on for tips on how to embrace boho fashion.

It’s no secret that here, we love all things boho. The bohemian style is all about

freedom and creativity. You can choose comfortable fashions, bright colors, and

express yourself the way you want. Ready to showcase your inner wildflower?

Here’s how to embrace boho fashion.

Go With the Flow

When you think about dressing boho, imagine that you’re standing in the middle of a

sunlit field, allowing the wind to comb through your hair. You want clothing that flows

with you. Focus on airy fabrics like loose tops and breezy sundresses. You can also

pair your flowy clothes with things that are more fitted. Style a cute crop top with a

maxi skirt. Or match a floating wrap with flared jeans.

Mix Your Prints

Embracing boho fashion is about embracing an artistic mindset. That usually comes

across in colorful, vibrant prints. Paint your wardrobe with colorful geometric

patterns, flowers, and fringes. Another part of the spirit of artistic expression is

rejecting preestablished customs. That means rejecting the old fashion rule about

not mixing prints. Having two colorful prints at the same time looks right at home in a

boho style.

Become One With Nature

The bright, colorful prints are often balanced out with down-to-earth neutrals that call

to mind desert canyons and open meadows. This may look like combining jewel

tones like purple and blue with natural tones like sunset orange or earthy brown. You

can also wear natural fabrics like leather, denim, or hemp.

Have Fun With Accessories

Even though the bohemian style is down-to-earth, that doesn’t mean you can’t

accessorize. Although you aren’t likely to see sparkly studs or wristwatches in a

boho ensemble, there are several accessory must-haves, such as:

- A wide-brimmed felt hat

- Wicker accessories like purses and sunhats

- Aviator sunglasses with colorful lenses

- Beaded jewelry

- Layered jewelry

- Big earrings

The beauty of having so many bright colors and patterns is that it makes it easy to

mix and match your accessories for endless outfit combinations.


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