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Hi beauties.

I'm keeping the content coming for you this week during the dreaded quarantine with some uplifting and positive blog posts. I personally love hearing stories about how couples met, so Johnny and I are sharing both of our versions with you. I love how similar yet unique both sides are! Keep scrolling for a look at the beginning of our love story.

(PS. You can read all about our proposal on HowTheyAsked.)

Back in 2014, my friend R.J. Had a big trophy truck race in Lake Elsinore. My group of friends and myself had to go out and show support for him which worked out great because it was the day after my birthday! So we drive over to the event and on the way their my friend said he invited some girl that he was crushing on at the time and we were all like “that’s totally cool”. So we arrive and walk the pits for a little and by the time we were finished my friends crush arrived. Fortunately, she didn’t want to come a lone so she brought her friend, Eva. The moment we met, there was such a strong connection right off the bat! I knew she was special! I literally spent every second for the rest of the night with her and just talking and getting to know each other! At the end of the night after we all left and got Denny’s, I mustered up the courage and asked for her number! The next day, we had a little date at Jersey Mikes and have talked every single day since, all 2,190 of them! Come to find out, we have lived down the street from each other our entire lives, even in 2 different cities and have never met once until God knew we both were ready for this next chapter in our lives.

Johnny and I met on April 26th, 2014 at a truck race in Lake Elsinore, CA. It was so random that our paths even crossed! Let me give you some background of the day we met. My girlfriend Rylee called me up a few hours before the race and asked me if I wanted go with her to watch her friend RJ Anderson compete. I was not even remotely interested in this sort if thing, but had nothing better to do so I said sure! We got to the racing grounds, and headed over to RJ's trailer. Who would have thought that my future husband was waiting inside. I remember the first moment I saw him. So many feelings rushed over me, and I felt like I had known him forever. I shook his hand and from then on we were absolutely inseparable.  Next door to the trailer, there was a giant bouncy castle and Johnny was showing off his front flip moves and I just knew he was a keeper. After the race, we all went to Dennys for some late night breakfast and the whole time we were eating I was just hoping that he would ask for my number. I'm a super shy person, and I was preparing myself to just ask for his if he didn't say anything. He walked me to the car and asked for my number (phew) and texted me all night and we even set up lunch for the next day because we couldn't wait to see each other again. I later found out that Johnny's birthday is on April 25th, so he called me his birthday present :) . He continues to be the greatest gift in my life and I cannot wait to marry my best friend this year!

White "Mrs. Chicollo" Hat - Olive and Pique via Mayfair PR

Hair + Makeup - @jackiemargot.mua

Photography - @valeriedurhamphotography

Styling + Modeling + Editing - @evaacatherine


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