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Denim is a fashion must-have, especially for those of us who love all things boho. If

you want to keep your denim looking fresh, avoid these mistakes.

Denim has a way of working for every fashion aesthetic, and the boho style is no

exception. But even though denim is one of our go-to fashion choices, we often don’t

treat it as well as we should. If you want your ripped jeans or studded jacket to last a

long time, it pays to be aware of the mistakes you might be making with your denim.

Picking Jeans That Don’t Fit

Jeans stretch over time and take on your body’s shape the way sneakers do. But

there’s only so far that you can go toward correcting jeans that just don’t fit you well.

Here are some things you should keep in mind when choosing jeans:

 Make sure you can move around comfortably in them.

 Check for tightness or bagging around the crotch of the jeans.

 If you can pull up your pants without zipping the fly, they may be too loose.

 If you have trouble zipping the fly, they may be too tight.

 Check to see if you like where the back pockets fall on your body.

Neglecting the Hem

For some of us, it’s easy to pick jeans that stay up well and look good on our bodies,

but it’s harder to find jeans that do that while also being a good length. I recommend

wearing jeans where the hem hits just above the ankle. That way, the world can see

your shoes, and you don’t have to worry about tripping and damaging your jeans.

Your best bet is getting them hemmed if they’re too long. If you can’t, then cuffing

them will do the trick.

Not Following Care Instructions

This is probably the most common mistake people make with their denim. We often

think that because denim is so sturdy compared to our other clothes, we can wash it

any way. But if you want to keep your denim looking new, you should pay attention

to what the tag says. Look for things like:

 The material the denim is made from

 Whether you should wash it on hot or cold

 The kind of detergent it needs

 Whether you should dry clean it

You should only wash jeans once every few weeks. I know it sounds gross, but hear

me out. Back in 2011, a student in Canada conducted a study in which he wore a

single pair of jeans every day for fifteen months without washing them. In the end,

they contained the same level of bacteria as jeans that had only gone two weeks

without a wash. Denim is a fashion essential, so it makes sense to want to keep your denim fresh.

With a little extra care, you can keep your jeans and jackets as beautiful as the day

you bought them.

*all images from Pinterest*


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