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Thrifting is a fun and cost-effective option for adding stylish pieces to any wardrobe.

Here are a couple of tips every thrifter should know before they shop.

When I need some fresh, funky garments in my closet, thrifting is my cost-effective,

go-to option. However, it’s often challenging to walk into a thrift shop and know which

pieces are worth the price tag or if I can even find the fashionable, quality items I’m

hoping to. With so many factors to consider, I’ve compiled a few comprehensive tips

for fashion-forward thrifting.


Have a Set Budget and Consider if Items Are Worth Their Price

A crucial aspect to successful thrifting for me is setting a strict budget and adhering

to it. This rule is fundamental for when I plan to select high-end or vintage pieces that

will cost a little more. Having a strict budget to follow also helps me discern my picks,

and more than likely, I’ll only choose the most fashionable finds and avoid impulse

buys. I always keep my eye out for Vintage Chanel!


Consider the Location You’re Visiting

When I thrift, the entire goal is to scour the shops and bag some stylish, budget-

friendly items. So, it’s frustrating when I show up at a place, and every piece is just

as much or above retail prices. Many of us make the mistake of visiting stores in

more luxurious parts of town, where prices elevate to match clientele.

I’ve found that a good way to avoid this issue is to do a little research on the

locations I’m planning to visit. First and foremost, I like to make sure that the shop

offers the kind of pieces I hope to snag. Second, I confirm that what they have

available is within my set price range, so I can get stylish pieces without annihilating

my bank account.


Have a Game Plan for Each Section You Visit

Having a game plan for my thrifting adventures is also vital to having a successful

trip. So, I always make a list of each second-hand clothing shop I want to visit, which

sections of the stores I plan to peruse, and the specific items I need to find. Keeping

myself organized while I shop drastically increases my chances of finding all the

lovely garments on my list.


Know When to Step Away From an Item

An important rule of thrifting is knowing when to step away from an item. For

example, I might stumble upon a designer coat that I love, but it’s considerably

damaged. So, I do not waste time toiling over whether this find is worth the trouble;

it’s not. Instead, I’ll move on to another item in better condition and a similar price

range. Abiding by this rule will ensure that I’m getting the best quality pieces every

time I thrift. Thrift shopping is a gratifying way to find stylish clothing on a budget. But, just the

same, it’s important for every thrifter to follow a few basic rules, so we can find

quality pieces we love every time we shop. Hopefully, these quick tips for fashion-

forward thrifting have laid a solid foundation for getting started.


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