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Are you looking for some trendy but cozy work outfits? Fill your closet with these top

comfy office clothing items that are still professional.

Staying comfortable and maintaining a professional look requires a particular

delicacy. You have to walk a fine line to pull off an effortless style while adhering to

the office dress code. Whether you’re headed back to the office after quarantine or

are still Zooming, I recommend checking out this list of top comfy office clothes that

are still professional. In it, I’ve included a few fashion mainstays you’ll always want in

your closet.

Tie-Front Shirt

A tie-front shirt feels like a t-shirt but still looks like a button-down. Since you’re trying

to be professional, be sure that it doesn’t expose your midriff and falls to your hips.

You can easily pair it with a more conservative jacket for meetings with the boss, but

even by itself, a tie-front shirt will still be office-appropriate.

Maxi Dress

With the right shoes and accessories, a maxi dress can be a cozy but polished office

outfit. It’ll always be a chic choice when you pair it with classic accessories like

diamond-stud earrings or a rose gold necklace. 


After months of wearing sweats in quarantine, I’ve become curious about how to

wear joggers all the time—even in a professional remote work setting. Joggers are

easy to pull off if you pay attention to their details and treat them like regular pant

instead of workout bottoms. Choose joggers with seams and a structured blouse,

and you’ll be all set for the workday. But secretly, you’ll feel so cozy that it’ll hardly

feel like it.

Oversized Button-Down

An oversized button-down is a fab decision and an essential in my list of top comfy

office clothes that are still professional. It’s flowy, which allows you to wear a bralette

with it if you want. It also goes with both skinny and wide-legged pants.

Linen Blazer

A linen blazer exudes a relaxed aura and polished professionalism simultaneously.

Coupled with a neutral color scheme, you can wear it with anything in your closet.

With this classic piece, I know you’ll feel and look great!


When you’re not in the mood for finding the perfect outfit, go for a jumpsuit. Avoid

overly loud patterns and keep the tones quiet to make a positive impression on your


Paper Bag Waist Pants

I know the name sounds far from refined, but trust me, these will be lifesavers when

you need to balance professionalism and comfort. With paper bag waist pants, you’ll

look fashionable, but you’ll still feel laid-back from nine to five! Match them with a

tight-fitting button-down or fitted sweater for a gorgeous workplace look.

With these cozy office outfits, you’ll still impress the boss while staying comfortable

and confident!

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May 28, 2021

These are really fashionable yet comfy clothes and making a perfect fashion statement. I will be trying these clothes at my college and I guess I’ll probably find these dresses at the Lily and Bean Coupons or at your store, maybe.

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