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Traveling with a pet can be stressful. But by learning and implementing ways to keep

your pet safe while traveling, the journey can be easier for everyone.

A few pet parents believe a trip isn’t a trip without your fur baby coming along, and

I’m one of them. But traveling can be stressful for animals and even dangerous in

some circumstances. To travel safely with my one and only, I take precautions to

keep them safe and comfortable, whether I’m flying or driving to my destination.

Check out the ways to keep your pet safe while traveling so you can both enjoy your


Traveling by Plane

If your pet is too big to fit under your seat, you’ll need to check with airport personnel,

and it’ll go in the cargo hold. That is unless you can afford to travel with your pet on a

private aircraft. Pets can sit freely in the cabin on private jets, but they will need the

same documentation that commercial flights require. Unfortunately, sometimes you

can’t avoid air travel. Here are a few tips to keep them safe while you’re in the air.

Book Direct

When you fly connecting flights, you increase the chance a baggage handler could

mishandle your pet while you’re on a layover, resulting in something as severe as

being left on the tarmac. I always book direct flights when I’m flying with a pet.

Veterinarian Appointment

If you’re flying either commercial or private, you’ll need a health certificate from your

veterinarian 10 days before your flight, certifying your pet is up to date on

immunizations. And even though veterinarians discourage sedation for flying, they

can inform you of other ways to keep your pet calm.

Large Crate

Make sure your pet’s crate is large enough for it to stand and move around. Provide

bedding for it, whether it’s shredded paper or towels, in case of accidents. Tape a

bag of food to the outside of the crate so airline employees can feed it during a

layover and freeze a small bowl of water the night before so it doesn’t spill while the

airline employees load your pet.

Traveling by Car

Even a road trip necessitates learning ways to keep your pet safe while traveling,

especially if you’re traveling a long distance. Here are some ways I keep my beloved

safe when we’re on the road:

 You can help your pet acclimate to the long car ride by preparing it

beforehand with shorter drives.

 Keep it safe on the road inside a crate large enough for it to move around.

 You should never leave it alone in a parked car.

 Pack a kit of food, water, and its favorite toys to keep it occupied.


No matter how you travel, it’s a good idea to microchip your pet for identification. A

collar and a tag are ideal too, but they can sometimes slip off. Be sure to label its

crate and collar with a temporary tag with your phone number and destination

location. By keeping your fur baby safe and sound, you both can travel with more ease. I

know I do!


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