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Where to Stay

{taken at Casa Macarena}

One of the hardest parts about planning a trip is figuring out where youre going to stay. Tulum is full of beautiful boutique hotels located right on the beach, each unique and enticing. I stayed at 6 different places during my trip, and have compiled a comprehensive breakdown of each place (both on the beach, and some inland) for you to make the most educated decision. They are in no particular order, and each have their strengths!

Right when we arrived to the hotel from our red eye flight, we were greeted by glasses of Prosecco the sweetest humans alive.  We were a bit frazzled given our situation at the airport, (We had some issues at the rental car place, so we gave the hotel a call and within 5 minutes a shuttle was there to pick us up.)  The team at Mi Amor had a way of easing our minds and making us feel at home in a foreign country. When traveling in another country, its easy to be a bit scared when something goes wrong, and this prompt car service made me feel safe and secure in an unfamiliar place. We arrived a few hours before check in, so we had some time to lounge around and get familiar with the property. I ordered the most amazing cocktail made with essential oil, and took a nap in our cabana while waiting for our room to be available. After we were settled into our room and ready for dinner, we headed downstairs and met Simon, the concierge. He was full of great ideas on where to eat, helped us get taxis, and even hooked us up with some bug spray for our travels. I have nothing but great things to stay about how hospitable the staff was. Every girl loves to feel pampered, and the staff made me feel like a princess. Their attention to every last detail did not go un noticed and I appreciate every little thing they did. As we were winding down for the night, the sweetest woman came to our room and gave us a tray of orange chocolates + hot tea as a night time snack. This was such a treat because no hotel I have ever stayed at has done this. Small details are everything to me, and the Mi Amor has mastered the tiny touches that made me feel pampered. Speaking of feeling pampered, I had the most incredible 60 minute hot stone massage at the Mi Amor Spa Located right near the water cabana. My therapist, Coco, made me feel like a new woman. Before starting the massage, I picked out 2 essential oils to diffuse during the treatment which added an ambiance to the room. I told her my problem area (my shoulders are full of knots from hunching over my laptop blogging all the time), and she was able to get out most of the tension in my shoulders. I highly recommend stopping by for a spa treatment, you’ll leave feeling so refreshed.

When we were ready to venture out of the hotel and explore, we rented bicycles from the front desk and cruised around town. I loved how bikes were available straight out of the hotel, and we didn't need to go looking around town for them. This was such a great amenity, because taxis really start to add up after awhile, and it was lovely to ride around and get to know the town a bit better. When we checked out, I was gifted the fragrance used in the rooms so that I can use it and look back fondly on my stay. Our room at the Mi Amor made us feel like we were living in our own jungle retreat. From our balcony, we could clearly see the crystal blue Caribbean ocean through the gorgeous trees. Being on the 2nd floor, we felt tucked away in our private space. Although it felt like a secluded sanctuary, we were only steps away from the in-house restaurant which made it a breeze to go to and from meals. (we ate here a lot, because it was insanely delicious).  Inside the room, we had a cute little table + a giant king bed + the most beautiful light feature on the wall that was made to look like the constellations.  Another one of my favorite aspects of this room was the bathroom. I am a sucker for a beautiful design, and loved the vanity and dreamy shower. It was lovely getting ready here in the AM. The rain shower covered in baby blue tile made for a dreamy place to cleanse away the salt water from swimming in the ocean. Johnny and I made a pact to order chips + guacamole at every restaurant we visit, and the Mi Amor had one of the best of our trip.  For lunch, we tried the chicken breast + Falafel sand which, and they both are some of my favorite dishes I have EVER had. I highly recommend trying both of them, you wont regret it :) In the morning, we were treated to complimentary breakfast in the restaurant (no cheesy continental breakfast here, we had a full menu of delicious artisan dishes to choose from). I ordered the Eggs Benedict. Its so interesting ordering my favorite dish in different countries, because Tulum’s take on this classic dish is much different than what I have had back home in California. The muffins were much thicker than your standard English muffin. Watermelon juice + coffee complimented the meal and left us ready for our day :) The Mi Amor is located right on the beach, and has beautiful cabanas lining the shore for the perfect place to watch the waves. If you don’t feel like venturing out to the cabanas, you can explore the pool + patio with the cutest hanging chair  hung just high enough above the pool so that your feet can still touch the water. Wooden walk ways weave through the property, taking us on a journey between the 2 crystal blue pools. To the left, you can walk to a cabana situated right in the water. Directly facing the beach, you’ll find an infinity pool with a stunning view of the Caribbean ocean. 

The last stop of our Tulum getaway to was Diamante K.  This gorgeous beachfront resort is a 1.5 hour car ride from Can Cun airport, and about a 15 minute bike ride from all the fun stuff along the main road full of boutiques and restaurants in Tulum. 'El Diamante K is located on an area that the Maya ancestors believed was protected by the gods, a special place chosen for rituals of initiation and to witness the birth of Father Sun.' We felt like we were in our own tropical world while staying here, and cherished our nights spent lulled to sleep by the ocean. This beachfront resort had its own private beach cove, and our cabana was steps away from this secluded oasis. Unfortunately, May in Tulum brings seaweed so we were not able to swim but we still enjoyed the view and laying out in the cabanas. This area is located near the secret garden, which is a beautiful wooden platform surrounded by tropical foliage making it the perfect place for morning yoga. A few steps away from our room was the restaurant, and you can small amazing things cooking while lying on the beach. It truly felt like we were on vacation while here. Every inch of this place felt like a bohemian paradise. From the stunning canopy bed to the engraved mirror, to the stone walls to the macrame wall hangings, I felt right at home amongst the boho details. This gypsy nest has given me so much inspiration for my future home. We were given room 13 for our 2 night staycation, and our room included an adorable red couch and a table and chairs. The only thing missing in this room was a fridge, but since we were right by the restaurant, this was no biggy. One of the most epic elements of suite 13 was the indoor/outdoor living situation it provided. Personally, I had a love/hate relationship with this.   Positives: the outdoor space was incredibly beautiful, and it was so nice taking a shower outside with the ocean breeze. I loved not having to dry off, because the humidity + breeze did the job for me. Negatives: No privacy, because there is no bathroom door. Without a door, the room was filled with bugs, especially gnats and mosquitos. I even stepped on a bee at one point. Since there was no way to close off the bathroom from the room, there was no AC unit so it was always hot and humid in the room. But, the canopy bed had a fan attached to the roof of it, and we were able to close up the canopy around the bed completely to create a barrier from all the critters which helped us sleep easy at night. These sorts of things just come with the territory when you visit a jungle beach hotel :) Not complaining, just warning you that this is something to be prepared for, as we were surprised by all of this. Of course, there are many other rooms on the property, and Im sure not all of them are like this. 

The Room

I was speechless when the concierge opened the door to our beach home. My eyes went straight for the gorgeous upstairs loft, which had a swinging chair + twinkle lights + the most adorable house plants. Hanging on the wall was a fully stocked beach bag, beach hat, and towels ready to go for beach adventures. After coming back to the room from frolicking on the beach that was steps away, we got to enjoy our luxury spa bathroom. I loved all the minimalist bohemian touches, with the wooden towel ladder and concrete walls + rain shower head.  As Heading into the bedroom, the bed was massive, and incredibly comfortable. Falling asleep to the sound of the Caribbean waves kissing the shore is something I could get used to.

The Magic

It’s the little things that truly stick in my memory, and the staff at the Mezzanine really know how to make you feel safe and at home. Upon arrival, we were treated to the most delicious (and strong) margaritas. 

As we checked in, we were asked what kind of essential oil we would like to have in the diffuser (this is the best turn down service ever), and we even got to choose what scent of soap we wanted to use in our room during our stay.

Each night, the staff would come to our room and turn on the diffuser and leave us a tray of hot tea, peanuts, and chocolates, which was an amazing scene to come home to after a long day of exploring. Every morning, a basket of coffee + granola was left on our doorstep for us to enjoy. This was some of the best coffee I had during my time in Tulum.

The location

The Mezzanine is located right on the ocean, making for magical views. Waking up to the sounds of the ocean reminded us that we were in paradise. We got to enjoy our breakfast on the beautiful wooden deck that spanned the property. Iguanas joined us as we sipped our coffee.  Bohemian hammocks waited for us to lay down and enjoy the morning. Right next to the deck you can find the most beautiful rock pool that made a gorgeous centerpiece for the property. 

The grub

The on-site restaurant at the Mezzanine has been named the best Thai food in Tulum, and I can see why! Their Pad Thai dish is to die for. They also make a delicious burger and chicken quesadilla. Johnny and I loved sitting on the wooden deck over looking the Caribbean ocean while we enjoyed happy hour, and breakfast each day. 

They offer 2-for-one margaritas in the most amazing flavors. My personal favorite is the raspberry mint. Johnny loved their spicy margarita, but to me it was too smoky. Everyday we ordered their chips and guacamole which was covered in sesame seeds! I’ve never had it prepared this way, and now I cant have it any other way.

The logistics 

One of Johnny and my’s favorite things is to ride bikes, and we loved that the Mezzanine had on-site bike rentals. One morning, we hopped on our bikes and made the quick 15 minute journey to the Tulum Ruins. It was incredible to be staying this close to such a historic place. {fun fact, there is a Starbucks right by the ruins, so if you are craving a taste of home, its only 15 minutes away}. The mezzanine is about a 15 minute bike ride {in the other direction} to get to tons of beautiful restaurants and beaches. Its safe to say the the Mezzanine is the perfect middle ground to get to all things worth visiting on the main Tulum strip.

Located about 15 minutes from the beach, the Tiki Tiki has all the vibes that you would expect to see at a beach front hotel but at a fraction of the cost. You'll find delicious restaurants like 'Manglar' just a short bike ride down the road, and we enjoyed the best pizza in Tulum. (their chef is straight out of Italy!).  Although the Tiki Tiki does not have an in-house restaurant, they do have a breakfast cafe that we loved stopping at on our way to our adventures.  They make a delicious cappuccino!

When you walk into the Tiki Tiki, you’re immediately greeted by beautiful architecture and dreamy blue tile that wraps all around the patio area. In the patio area, you’ll find bohemian chairs fit for a queen, as well as a bench that lines the back wall, overlooking the pool. Along the back wall sits the most adorable bar decorated with photo worthy bar stools. When you make your way over to the pool, you’ll find the most comfortable + oversized chaise lounges just waiting for you to lie down and soak up the sun. When it gets too hot, the pool is just steps away. The waterfall edges and the iconic stripe print that stamped the bottom of the pool reminded us that we were on vacation. Strung across the trees were plush hammocks that made for the perfect jungle bed to relax in and enjoy the sounds of the jungle.

Our room was so serene and relaxing. We had a beautiful birds eye view of the iconic striped pool, and a patio all our own. We even had our own hammock strung across the room, giving off the ultimate vacation vibe. The bathroom had an oversized shower with a rain shower head, which made us feel like we had our very own spa. After a long day spent outside exploring, it was so nice to come home to a fully air conditioned room. Our bed had the most conformable pillows, and it was a struggle to get out of bed in the morning because we got such great rest. We also had a great sized closet for me to hang everything that I over-packed, and a mini fridge for us to utilize. (not all hotels in Tulum have AC and a fridge, so we love theses amenities).

Being located 15 mins from the beach, there is not much to do in the area directly surrounding the Tiki Tiki. However, this hotel offers some awesome transportation options. We rented a Tuk Tuk for $35/day, which is a 3 wheeled gold cart and cruised around town all day. We love this because it offered us so much freedom + shelter from the random thunderstorms that Tulum has. It was also perfect for parking down by the beach, because parking is basically non-existent down there. The only downside to the Tuk Tuk is that it is a stick shift, and does not have a reverse option, so you have to get out and push it backwards. The Tiki Tiki also has bikes to rent, which is an amazing way to see the sights and enjoy the day. We rented bikes and rode over to Manglar for dinner one night, and had a blast.

Wether we needed more pillows or a dinner recommendation, the staff at the Tiki Tiki was always available to help us. We learned so much from the staff about the Mayans and about Tulum history. When we rented the Tuk Tuk, they took us around the block and taught us how to drive it, which I thought was so sweet.

The 2nd day of our stay, I had food poising and the staff was so kind recommending remedies and helping us find a pharmacy. Being sick in a foreign country can be scary, and I really appreciated their kindness.

One of my favorite things to do in the spring + summer is go for a swim. Kasa Tulum has a massive pool (which was the perfect temperature all the time) that spanned the entire cabana area. I loved floating around on the banana float and sitting at the swim up bar. This area of the hotel was so relaxing, and I highly recommend spending some time here if you make your way inland from the Tulum strip. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and I have to say Kasa Tulum makes the best banana pancakes. They come with fresh fruit + indulgent chocolate sauce. I highly recommend these if you're in the mood for a treat. Johnny ordered the açaí bowl, which was also delicious and covered in coconut flakes.  We grabbed lunch at their cafe as well, and enjoyed their bacon burrito. For dinner, we had the Papaya Salad + Drunken steak, which I would give an 6/10, but over all the breakfast was the best. Comfort is key when it comes to staying in a new place.   Whenever I travel, I need to get a good nights rest to make it through the days full of adventure. Kasa Tulum has the comfiest bed, and the most plush blankets of all the hotels I've stayed at so far in Mexico.The room itself is spacious, and has panoramic windows overlooking the jungle deck. There was also a super cute coffee table for us to sit outside and enjoy the beautiful day. Follow bloggers, you're going to love this: the room has 5 different closets, and a shower with 2 rain shower heads! This was definitely a luxurious stay, and I enjoyed the relaxation. (did I mention that this hotel is located in the middle of a jungle?!) You would never know this because it's nestled in an industrial looking area, but beyond the hotel is nothing but trees for miles and miles.

Beware - Since Kasa Tulum is located in a developing area, you will be able to hear construction going on outside, and need to plan for this. I suggest bringing ear plugs.

Oversized concrete closet. Balcony Bathtub. Walk in rain shower… if these words make your heart flutter, then you are going to love this place I discovered in Mexico.

If you've been following my blog, then you know that I am in love with all things bohemian. One of the main reasons I was so excited to go to Tulum was because of the authentic bohemian decor that can be found on every corner. Literally. All around town we saw the most beautiful straw chandeliers, dreamcatchers, and the most elegant macrame wall hangings that took my breath away.

One of the awesome places we stayed throughout our 11 day trip was a cutie AirBnB called “Casa Macarena”  located 15 minutes from the beach. We stayed in the penthouse of a new build apartment building, and had gorgeous views of the pool and ofcrures the jungle.


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