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Fashion Blog Entry - What Does Your Clothes Say About You

It’s no secret - when we look good, we feel good. It is no wonder that the clothes we wear have a huge influence on our attitude, behavior, mood and confidence. The clothes that you wear might not define who you are as a person or your values, but it can definitely play a huge role in how we feel for the day, so there is nothing wrong with wanting to look good. Plus, even though it shouldn’t matter, the clothes that we choose can affect how people perceive you. Your clothes are a communication tool and how you dress can be a factor on whether someone could trust you, hire you, comply with your request, etc. 

Your clothes can say a lot about you. Often how we choose to dress or what we shop for can give insight to internal motivations such as experiences, culture or emotion. People might think, when you dress for work or to go out with friends, that you are just putting an outfit together, but the decision to put that outfit together is rooted in something deeper. 

Think about it. Say that you probably want to be taken more seriously in a professional setting, so you start wearing dress shirts and ties to work. Or, say that you really love a sports team, so you wear your favorite team’s jersey out to the bar. What you choose to wear is inspired by something deeper. 

So if you want to change the impression others have of you, or the impression you have of yourself, pay attention to what you wear. If you are shopping for clothes, identify your style and what attitude you want to convey and what goals you have set for yourself to achieve. 

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