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Where to Stay Option 1:

Hotel Du Palais Royal

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Touchdown Paris! I am so thrilled to be back in this beautiful city. We flew in, hopped in our Uber, and headed straight to Grand Hotel Du Palais Royal for our Parisian staycation. Ideally located between the Louvre and the Opera House, (and across the street from the Palais Royal Gardens!) this luxury boutique hotel is a must see in the heart of Paris. This stunning historical building has some of the most incredible architecture I’ve had the pleasure of seeing, and I am excited to share my images with you!  There are a million reasons why I love this place, but here are my top 5 reasons you won’t want to leave.


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Where to Stay Option 2:

Hotel Des Grands Boulevards

I loved staying at different hotels while in Paris, because we got to see the uniquely different neighborhoods. Each Parisian neighborhood had its own charm, and were located in the best pockets of the city.

We made our way to the quaint Hotel Des Grands Boulevards, neatly tucked away on a street full of bars, restaurants, and shopping. 


Inside room 101, we had our own private terrace that overlooked the gorgeous streets of Paris. I loved sitting out there with some tea.  I am obsessed with the charming details in our room. From the rustic wooden stools to the vintage phone, they really nailed it on the interior design.  Instead of basic flowers, there was a lovely dried foliage bouquet that I found to be the perfect nod to the changing seasons. We arrived in Paris August 9th, and by the 14th the leaves were already changing color! I am always thrilled by things like this because we dont really get the full 4 seasons in California.


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Des Grands Boulvards
Hotel R Room

Where to Stay Option 3:

Hotel R Paris

Right when we walked in the room, it was like a scene out of a movie. Light flooded in through the windows and champagne waited for us along with decadent Hermes welcome gifts that consisted of a perfume roller + full size body wash that smells like summer citrus.

We immediately dove into the plush bed and melted into the down comforter + pillows. The bed had the perfect view of the luxe marble fireplace with a tv mirror directly above it.

Although the romantic city waited for us outside our bedroom door, we were just so content spending time in our room.

Another show stopping element of our stay at Hotel R was the bathroom. The window had a beautiful view of a Parisian courtyard and let in so much light. It was the optimal space for getting dolled up every morning. I especially loved showering with the rain feature and stepping out and getting wrapped up in a towel freshly heated on the towel warming rack.

Hotel R made me feel like such a princess!


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What to Do:

Complete 5 Day Paris Itinerary

{ where to eat, shoot, and explore }

So you've been dreaming of going to Paris, and took the next step by purchasing my travel guide. YAY! I am so excited to help you plan your Parisian adventure. Whether you are a seasoned blogger or are an aspiring blogger, here you will find detailed information to make your trip as picturesque as possible. This isn't your typical travel guide; I have tailored this specifically to bloggers + influencers and am sharing my 6 years of knowledge with you to help you monetize your dream vacations + get the best content possible while still enjoying yourself. My type A personality thrives by making lists and planning out my travel days down to the hour. (I want to make the most of my time abroad, especially because it's so expensive to travel). 

Inside you will find 2 full pages on how to pitch your trip to brands and become a travel blogger!

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