• Eva Catherine

KAABOO #FestivalSeason

So KAABOO was a total success! If you've never heard of KAABOO, its a music/art/food festival in Del Mar every September. Personally, I think this is much better than Coachella because it really focuses on music, it's not a bunch of girls thinking its a fashion show. Except me... ;)

This weekend was actually my birthday weekend (hello 23!) and I got to spend it at a festival with the love of my life dancing to Tom Petty, Ice Cube, X Ambassadors, Alanis Morissette and Pink just to name a few. Thank you so much Colorescience for making my birthday weekend rock, and for keeping my makeup on point.

whats in my bag?

Colorescience Lots ofI'mSPF goodness. I had no idea SPF lipgloss even existed, but I am so stoked that it does. I wore it all weekend and LOVE all the gorgeous colors they have :)

*im wearing them in the images below*

day one


Kimono + Body Chain by Amazon Fashion

Bag - Day and Mood

Shorts - MinkPink

Sunnies - RAEN

Hat - Stetson

Shoes - A.S Boots

Choker - 2 Bandits

day two


Kimono - Amazon Fashion

Belt - Lovestrength

Romper - Tobi

Earrings - Target

Hat - Brixton

Backpack - Clebella

day one // night time look


Coat - Vintage Shopping in Paris France

Bag - Day and Mood

Denim Jacket - Cello Jeans

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