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One of my favorite parts of Fashion Week is connecting with Mane Addicts to get ready for full days of shows + events. I met so many lovely hair stylists this season, and we tried quite a few new hairstyles. From old Hollywood glam to slicked a slicked back pony, we traveled through the eras to bring you the ultimate styling inspiration.


For NYFW day one, Mane Addicts stylist Cash Lawless created a look straight out of the sixties. I felt very Bridgette Bardot and loved every minute of it. He legit worked wonders with my dreadful baby hairs by turning them into fringe bangs. If you also have breakage/shorter front pieces, take advantage of them and manipulate them into some sixties fringe!


For the second day of Fashion Week, we kept it sixties with this amazing hair headband created by Mane Addicts stylist Eduardo Ponce. (He is Paris Hiltons hair extrodinaire!). So many of you sent me a DM asking for a step-by-step, and I am happy to share! In Eduardos words: 1. Section off front of hair. Usually ear to ear but depends on your preference.2. Slick back with your fav paste/ pomade.3. Secure in low pony on back of head.4. Use hairspray for flyaways.5. Curl rest of your hair with a 1inch iron. TA-DA!


For my third day in New York, I connected with Mane Addicts stylist Shelley Gregory and we opted for a fresh, slicked back pony tail with extensions. Since my extensions are one tone and my hair is multidimensional, she used some root spray to darken the weft on the extensions to help the pony blend. LOVE LOVE LOVE this look. We decided to add a pearl headband for some personality, which was the perfect finishing touch to this prim and proper outfit. stylist


With my day four outfit being a feather + satin look, we had to go for the old Hollywood vibe. Cash Lawless created the most beautiful finger wave + victory roll combo this gal has ever seen. This style makes me wish I born in the twenties.


Day five, I traveled uptown to go see celebrity hair stylist Danny Jelaca. He created a style not many can do: the Marcel Wave. This style was done with so much care + intricacy, and I admire Danny for his patience! It was well worth the 2hrs spent in the chair.

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