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To take your bohemian chic outfits to the next level, say goodbye to bare hair and

hello to these boho hair accessory ideas to try this spring.

When sporting a boho chic style, you don’t exclusively have to wear your hair in

loose, flowy waves at all times. Feel free to have some fun with your strands by

incorporating an accessory or two now and then. If you ask me, boho hair

accessories are the perfect way to top off any bohemian chic outfit and take your

look to the next level. To start experimenting with new styles, check out my list of

some of the most iconic boho hair accessory ideas to try this spring.



No list of boho hair accessories would be complete without hair scarves. In my

opinion, one of the best aspects of hair scarves is their versatility. With just one

single accessory, you can create countless hairstyles. Weaving it into a braid, tying it

around your forehead like a headband, or using it as a ribbon to tie your hair back

are just a few of the many different ways you can use hair scarves to create

effortlessly amazing hairstyles.



Bandanas are a staple boho accessory. As with a hair scarf, there are so many

different ways to wear a bandana in your hair. Looking to keep your strands out of

your eyes? Tie the bandana around your head like a headband. Want something a

little more intriguing? Consider twisting the bandana into your bun. The possibilities

are virtually endless with this simple accessory in your collection.

All bandanas pictured are from Hemlock Goods.



What better time to rock a flower crown than in the season best known for new

blossoms and blooms? If you want to look like you spend your time frolicking through

fields and befriending woodland creatures, a flower crown is the accessory for you.

Not ready for the attention-grabbing effect of a full flower crown? Consider sporting a

half flower crown that wraps only around the back of your head for a more subdued




Another boho hair accessory idea to try this spring is a delicate head chain. If you

want to add just a touch of glam to your otherwise naturally elegant look, a dainty

head chain is the perfect accessory to try. Depending on your style, you can choose

a chain that is as simple or intricate as you please. Pairing this accessory with a

maxi dress or a flowy skirt is one of the most effective ways to achieve that iconic

bohemian goddess look.

images via Pinterest.


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