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Most of us are looking for ways to reduce wastage at home. We’re getting better at recycling, we’re trying to buy reusable things as much as possible, and we’re generally being more mindful of our shopping and waste habits. One area that many of us could still find ways to improve, however, is fashion. If you have a huge wardrobe, you buy things to wear once, or you are always shopping for clothes, switching to a capsule wardrobe could be an excellent idea. Here are some essentials that all capsule wardrobes need in the wintertime.

A Wear Again Occasion Dress

When we’re creating capsule wardrobes, most of us think about what we wear for work, dinners out and lounging at home. But at some point during the season, you are bound to need an occasion dress, perhaps for a Christmas party, or a snug winter wedding.

When it comes to shopping for dresses for winter weddings and festivities, make sure you invest in pieces that you can wear again like fabulous Ganni Dresses, and things that are easily dressed up or down, to make them more wearable. Simple shapes like a wrap, tea dress or A-line are ideal, but stick to a length that makes you feel comfortable.

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Leggings or Skinny Jeans

Wide-leg trousers are a great look, and a pair of black or tweed wide-leg bottoms certainly look fabulous with most tops and jackets. But in the winter, we must take poor weather into account. Your wide-legged trousers won’t look as fantastic once they are soaked up to the knee from walking on a wet floor.

Skinny jeans and leggings offer a brilliant alternative that will look great but can easily be tucked into boots to keep you dry and warm. They are a perfect base for everything from a stylish winter tunic to a festive Christmas jumper.


Turtleneck tops and jumpers are perfect for layering over, but also under-dresses for a warm but stylish outfit.

Natural Coloured Jumpers

There’s nothing wrong with bright colours in the winter, and the odd bright jumper or dress can certainly lift your mood. But day to day you need natural colours that you can layer over dresses or wear with all your pants to give yourself options.

Chunky Black Boots

If you are looking for a pair of boots that look great with tights and dresses, jeans and jumpers, or leggings and oversized flannel shirts, then chunky black boots, like classic Dr Martens are a must. They look great, they are comfortable, and they’ll keep your feet warm and dry whatever you are doing.

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Long Sleeved Tees

Long-sleeved, close-fitting tees are perfect for layering under oversized shirts and jumpers, turtlenecks and even dresses for an extra bit of warmth. On warmer days, they also look great on their own, tucked into high-waisted jeans or trousers.

Creating a capsule wardrobe saves you money, reduces waste, and even makes it easier to get ready in the morning. While it certainly doesn’t mean that you should throw everything you already own away (which would be hugely wasteful!) it does mean thinking carefully about what you buy in the future, and only investing in pieces that work well with multiple outfits and will be worn time and time again.


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