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Are you guilty of hanging on to items too long, and now you’re running out of closet

space? These are the items you need to get rid of in your closet.

Our closets seem to fill up quickly. Clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories all take up

precious space. Sometimes we hang on to items that are better off with another

person or in the garbage. These are the items you need to get rid of in your closet to

make room for the pieces you enjoy wearing and using.

The “Fix-It” Section

You know that particular shirt with the hole that’s been sitting in the corner of your

closet the past few months, or possibly years. Yeah, you’re going to want to just get

rid of it, along with any other items that have been chilling in the closet waiting for

their turn with the sewing needle.

We always swear we’ll eventually get to them, but the truth is, if you haven’t yet, you

won’t. The items are taking up space that you could use for new pieces.

Free Tote Bags

Reusable bags are fabulous, but how many do you really need? Keep the ones you

frequently use for grocery shopping in your vehicle for easy access. If you found a

surplus, take the time to donate the others, or give them to another family member or

friend who could use them.

Old Costumes

Typically, you only wear costumes once, and then they sit in your closet, taking up

valuable space. Take the time to go through the costumes and donate them to a

local thrift store, allowing another wonderful person to enjoy the costume.

Shoes That Hurt

Gather all of the shoes you don’t often wear because they hurt and put them in a

pile. Say your goodbyes to them, and then drop them off at a local donation center.

“Other You” Clothes

The last item you need to get rid of in your closet is your “other you” clothes. We are

all guilty of this habit. We hang on to a particular shirt or pair of pants that once fit a

version of you, whether it was a more confident you, a skinnier you, the you that was

a tad edgier, or a you that was obsessed with animal print. They’ll work one day

again. It’s too challenging to say goodbye to them just yet. The truth is, we won’t

wear them again, so take the time to mourn and then let them go. See if other friends

or family would like them, donate them, or sell them on a thrift store site.

Now that you’ve made room, it’s time to shop for new trendy clothing for the new



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