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Do you need help planning your summer jewelry? Find out what colors are in style!

Read these tips from fashion experts so that you look perfect every summer!

The fashion trends shift from season to season; what’s in for spring isn’t necessarily

ideal for summer. While most of us think of this when it comes to clothing, the same

is true for accessories. Some materials are more suited for days under the sun. And

the best tips for wearing jewelry in summer that I talk about here go beyond what to

wear, as they include advice on caring for your pieces.


Minimalism Is Key

The last thing you want is to stack on your favorite rings in the morning only to

struggle to get them off by evening. Too much is the enemy, but it’s all too common

with the warm weather because people want to make their outfits captivating with

fewer clothing layers. So, one tip for wearing jewelry in summer is to remember that

minimalism is key. Instead of stacking on all kinds of pieces, aim to wear:

 Stud earrings

 Simple hoops

 Short necklaces

I recommend that you pin your hair up in a messy bun and show off some cute

earrings on a hot day. If you love rose gold, summer is the perfect time to wear it! It

pulls those beautiful pink hues that are in fashion and keeps a minimalist look fun.


Wear Summer Colors

When summer comes around, I think it’s the perfect time to bust out the light neutral

colors! If you have pieces with white, off-white, beige, and metallic hues, they’re

perfect for this season. Some people also like wearing glass beads because they’re

simple yet shimmer prettily in the sunlight. The key is to look for colors that remind

you of a warm desert or beach.

But if you’re looking to wear the right gems for a night out, you could make pearls

your go-to summer jewelry. They’re timeless and give everyone a look of sheer



Take Care Of It

Your jewelry lasts longer if you take care of it, and this is especially important during

the summer. With long days at the beach or relaxing in the pool, you may risk ruining

precious pieces as you expose them to chlorine and saltwater.

Caring for your jewelry also encompasses where you store it when you’re not

wearing it. For example, keep your jewelry box out of the bathroom. Instead, keep it

somewhere dry since humidity could affect the metal. You’re probably well aware

that humidity is one factor that leads to silver tarnishing. Take care of your jewelry so

you can wear it again next season!


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