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Transitioning your boho fashion style for the upcoming cooler seasons is exciting!

Here are a few ways to expand your bohemian wardrobe for fall.

The weather is inevitably becoming cooler, and our sleeves are getting longer. The

leaves are changing colors while apples are juicier than ever. It’s about time to

transition into fall, the most colorful and one of the most festive times of the year.

But I feel that we’re ready to try a new clothing style: the bohemian chic. It’s a classic

and timeless fashion style that’s not only sophisticated but incredibly comfortable.

So, what are the steps to take to try them out during the autumn season? Here are a

few ways to expand your bohemian wardrobe for fall this year.

image via Pinterest - SPELL

Longer and More Flowy Styles

Long skirts, blouses, and anything encapsulating the free spirit will automatically fit

us into the bohemian clothing category. Not only are pieces like these incredibly

versatile but also comfortable. You can wear flowy pieces all year, but fall is where

they truly shine. We can pair a long, flowy skirt with a simple tied-off t-shirt or graphic tee to give a

more casual and trendier feel. But if you want to dress a little warmer, a soft-knit

sweater or a long sleeve blouse would give it a more feminine feel.

image via Pinterest - SPELL

Lots of Layers and Fabrics

When it comes to colder weather, it’s always best to bundle up for the icy breezes.

So, it’s a great time to stretch our taste into the boho-chic look. By venturing into

other fabrics, we can mix and match our heart’s desires, creating an effortless feel in

which we can express ourselves. Suede, cotton, polyester, patterned, wool—there

are so many options. If I’m wearing a crop top, I can incorporate a light cardigan or distressed denim

jacket over the top to pull the look together. I can also pair a cardigan with a flowy

dress to add an extra level of coziness.

image via Pinterest

Accessories Are Important, Too

One of the crucial ways to expand your bohemian wardrobe for fall is to focus

intensely on accessories. Shoes, jewelry, hairpieces, scarves—all of it helps

accentuate the boho-chic feel and style. Some boho staples include:

 Leather Sandals

 Neutral-Toned Ankle Boots

 Headwraps and Wide-Brim Hats

 Layered Jewelry

 Hippie-Chic Purses

boots from AS98

Accessories can pull the desired look together. However, don’t go over the top. It can

make a simple outfit feel chic by incorporating well-picked accessories to compliment

the look. Overall, the bohemian style is easy to jump into and incredibly desirable. Whether I

buy my clothing secondhand or from a boutique, it should represent my tastes and

confidence. So, enjoy the trial-and-error process and find your staple.


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