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There are so many feelings and thoughts floating around my head right now. Excitement to officially become a Chicollo. A little bitter-sweetness that I'm growing up and changing the last name I have signed for 25 years. Of course I know that I will always be a Heitzwebel, but there's just something heavy about legally changing your last name. Don't get me wrong, I am 100% excited and ready to take my fiance's last name and become his wife in only 135 days. HOLY SHIT I'M GOING TO BE A FREAKING WIFE SOON. Typing those words gives me butterflies. I spend most of my time these days dreaming about our wedding under the desert stars. In a lot of ways, I am grateful for this quarantine because it has given me time that to focus on all the small important details of our wedding. Time that I otherwise wouldn't have had. There are so many amazing elements coming together for our big day, and I am already dying to share our wedding photos :)

Only 135 days until I marry my love, and I honestly couldn't be more excited. I 100% know with my whole heart that he is my person. My soulmate. My best friend. Nobody has ever loved me the way he has. Our love is so pure, selfless, and tangible. I have zero apprehension, zero anxiety, and zero fear to take Johnny as my husband xo Sorry not sorry for being cheesy lol

Dress - Lovers x Society

Earrings - Shashi

Bouquet - Tess Made

Hat - Stetson x @cloudxiidesign

Bracelets - Alex and Ani

Photographer @chicollophoto



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