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The pandemic years gave rise to a new style of wedding, which favored intimate settings

and streamlined guest lists over more elaborate celebrations. While these low-key

ceremonies became a necessity during this time, many couples are continuing to appreciate

the advantages of hosting a more understated wedding in the wake of the pandemic. In this

post, we’ll explore three of the key reasons why small weddings can be that much more

special, to help you come to a more informed decision about which style suits you best.

You can increase the budget per head

Setting a budget is one of the most important parts of any wedding planning process. Often,

couples will be trying to spread their pot thinly across multiple aspects of the day. And as

such, they may either find they end up going over budget, or they need to compromise on a

few of their preferred suppliers.

With a smaller wedding, you have the freedom and flexibility to allocate more of your budget

to each element, elevating each individual aspect of the day. For example, instead of a

buffet, you could opt for a handpicked set menu with wine pairings for each course to create

a more memorable wedding breakfast.

Alternatively, hosting a small wedding gives you the option to reduce your spending

altogether, and perhaps allocate more of your budget to your honeymoon or starting the next

chapter of your lives together.

You can spend more quality time with loved ones

After months and months of planning, wedding days can go by in the blink of an eye. Once

you’ve completed the formalities of the ceremony, much of the day will be spent meeting and

greeting your guests, meaning you’re likely to have less time with the people you’re closest

to. Trimming down the guest list and inviting only your nearest and dearest friends allows

you extra time to have more meaningful conversations with these people, and create special

memories that will make the day all the more magical.

At the same time, removing the obligation to interact with hundreds of guests gives you and

your partner the chance to really slow down and be present with one another on your special

day – something many couples wish they could’ve done more of in hindsight.

There’s more scope for personalized touches

When there are fewer places to set at the table, fewer favors to hand out, and smaller

spaces to decorate, you will naturally have more opportunities to personalize the finer details

of your wedding day perfectly to your liking. Introducing these touches can give the day a

more intimate feel and make it that much more special for everyone involved.

From personalized place cards to honoring loved ones with pictures and heirlooms, there

are so many different ways you can add meaningful touches to proceedings. This is also a

great way to make your guests feel a bigger part of your special day, so it’s worth taking the

time to really think about how you’d like to personalize your venue.

Images via @Maeandco_creative


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