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Renovating your home is an exciting time – you get to make your home suit you, plus it’s an

opportunity to get creative and learn new skills. Many people also find that buying a ‘project

house’ is more affordable, allowing them to get on the housing ladder earlier. However,

houses like this do usually require a lot of modernization, resulting in plenty of jobs on the to-

With so much information available online, even a DIY novice can turn their hand to some

tasks with the support of video tutorials and advice forums. But which jobs should you leave

to the experts? We take a look.



Electrics are an expensive job, and so it’s easy to feel tempted to have a go at it yourself.

After all, it’s relatively easy to rewire a plug. However, this is a job that is best left to the

experts, especially in older properties where the fuse box may well not be up to scratch. A

mistake could be extremely costly – not only do you put your own safety at risk, but you also

chance the wiring catching fire at a later date without you realizng.

Instead, make sure you hire a professional who knows what they’re doing and can

sufficiently safety check and certify the work.



Plumbing is one of the most risky jobs in any house – one loose cap and you’ve got water

gushing into your ceilings. Since there’s no way to dry test a plumbing system, this task is

one that is often better left to the experts.

Whilst there are some elements of plumbing that might be feasible for you to do, such as

unblocking toilets and fixing a leaky tap, any major work should be done by a qualified

plumber to reduce the risk of water damage.


Painting the exterior of your home

Changing the outside aesthetic of your property can increase curb appeal and make your

home feel more modern, even if the inside is still a relic from the 80’s. It can be very costly to

get pebbledash covering removed or re-render the walls, but a lick of paint can often spruce

up a property on a much smaller budget.

If you are looking to cut costs, it can be tempting to get on a ladder and wield the paintbrush

yourself. However, working at heights usually requires some specialist training, especially

when you also need to balance a brush and a can of paint at the same time. Plus, a professional is more likely to give you a smooth, even finish – which is what you want when

the end result will be seen by everyone who walks by.

Less money in the long run

Whilst it might be hard to bite the bullet and fork out for a professional, you’ll be glad that

you’ve done it in the long run. Mistakes are financially costly to fix, and you may put yourself

in danger if you take on tasks that you’re not able to do safely.

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